Britain to transfer new air defense systems and demining equipment to Ukraine: what is known

New equipment will be delivered to Ukraine in the coming months

The United Kingdom will soon provide Ukraine with new air defense systems and demining equipment. This equipment will arrive in Ukraine in the coming months, joining other equipment funded by the International Fund for Ukraine (IFU).

This was reported on Facebook by the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, citing the British Secretary of State for Defense Grant Shapps. In particular, this aid package from the UK will include equipment for minefield clearance, bridge structures to provide crossings over rivers and trenches, and heavy equipment to destroy Russian obstacles and create defensive positions to protect Ukraine's key infrastructure.

"The UK has been steadfast in its support for Ukraine and its most urgent needs. I am proud to announce that the United Kingdom, along with our allies, are signing new contracts for delivering critical air defense systems to protect civilians from Putin's barbaric bombing campaign, as well as over £100 million of new equipment promised to give Ukrainian soldiers what they need to pierce Russia's deadly minefields," said Grant Shapps.

At the same time, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, emphasized that Russia underestimates the resilience of the international community that assists Ukraine.

He also noted that this support package is the result of unprecedented efforts by 50 countries to provide Ukraine with the necessary tools to counter Russian aggression and de-occupy territories. During winter, Russia may try to undermine the morale of the Ukrainian people and divide the international community, but Putin underestimates the strength and resilience of his opponents.

"If we stick together and continue the course, then Russia will continue to lose, Ukraine will win, and the rules that are important for global security will remain in force," Radakin emphasized.

As noted, Ukraine is currently the most mined country, which creates significant obstacles to the Armed Forces' counteroffensive. Therefore, demining capabilities will be key to the advancement of Ukrainian forces.

Earlier it was reported that the European Union countries are behind schedule in supplying artillery shells to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Earlier, the EU promised to provide 1 million rounds of ammunition by March, but now the deadline is being pushed back.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the Ukrainian defense ministry allowed several new models of unmanned aerial vehicles to be used under a simplified procedure for the first time. It means that the military will be able to receive drones at the front within a few days. Previously, this process took months.

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