Brigade commander and two battalions were eliminated: confirmation of catastrophic losses of Russian troops near Bakhmut

Invaders suffered heavy losses near Bakhmut
Invaders suffered heavy losses near Bakhmut

The units of the 124th Separate Motorised Rifle Brigade of the 2nd AK of the Russian Federation (military unit 40318, occupied Alchevsk) suffered serious losses near the village of Klishchiyivka, Donetsk region. As a result of counter-offensive actions by the Ukrainian Defence Forces, the commander and chief of staff of the 124th Separate Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade were killed, and two deputy brigade commanders were seriously wounded.

In addition, the occupiers have significantly reduced the number of manpower - in fact, two battalions of the brigade were destroyed. This was stated by the Telegram channel "The Spy's Dossier".

According to the channel, units of the enemy 124th Separate Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade were brought to the village of Klishchiyivka, 5 km south of Bakhmut, to strengthen the positions of the 72nd Separate Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade in the defence of the southern flank.

It is claimed that the personnel of the 124th Brigade did not want to follow the orders of the command and take up positions in the village, fearing a Ukrainian counter-offensive. The occupiers agreed to move to the positions only when accompanied by the brigade command.

On May 13, Ukrainian troops conducted precision artillery strikes against the enemy. "According to available information, the shelling actually destroyed two battalions of the brigade," the author of the Telegram channel wrote. Russian commanders were also killed and wounded.

"As a result of the fire of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the total number of surviving servicemen of the two battalions of the 124th Separate Guards Motorised Rifle Brigade is approximately 40," the message says.

Klishchiyivka on the map of hostilities


- The Institute for War Studies said in a report on May 13 that the Ukrainian Defence Forces continue counterattacks in the Bakhmut area. According to various sources, over the past three days, our troops have managed to liberate a total of 16.85 to 17.3 square kilometres.

- Deputy Minister of Defence Anna Maliar reported that our soldiers were advancing in two directions in the suburbs of Bakhmut.

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