Anti-ship missiles, Himars and infantry in vegetable gardens: how the AFU liberated Neskuchne in Donetsk region. Video

The village was an occupier stronghold, and from the local school they surveyed the area

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces told how they liberated Neskuchne in Donetsk Region. The enemy were hit with Himars and anti-ship missiles, and the assault of the village lasted more than two days. As a result, nine occupants were taken prisoner, and many trophies were also won.

A video from the de-occupied Neskuchne was published by the 'Ukrainian Witness' project on 22 June. According to the defenders, the village had been an enemy stronghold and its liberation was important for the further advance of the Ukrainian armed forces in this direction (scroll to the end of page to watch the video).


In early June, Neskuche was liberated by soldiers of the 7th Separate Battalion 'Arey' of the 129th Brigade of the TR. The battalion began its journey in Kherson region, then knocked the enemy out of Zaporizhzhya, and since early March 2023 has been fighting in Donbass.

'We had time to learn the enemy. We had time to prepare,' said the battalion's deputy commander, call sign Kherson.

As the fighters explain, from the school in Neskuchne, the occupiers were able to survey the area.


It was some kind of enemy "fortress", their headquarters. The Ukrainian Armed Forces were using Himars and anti-ship missiles to target it.

The 60th Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Russian Army was stationed here, as well as representatives of the Wagner PMC and the terrorist "DPR". The enemy put up serious resistance, especially in the first day of the assault, but it was overcome, Kherson says.

One road leads to the village, so the occupiers were waiting for an armoured attack. This is evidenced by the fact that the invaders hit the infantry with Kornet rockets, which are not designed for this purpose.


Our soldiers took a trick: they started entering in small groups of 10-12 fighters, each occupying its own sector. Casualties were small, but they were there: at the start of the assault one fighter of the unit was killed.

During the operation to liberate the village, the 'Arey' battalion captured nine Russian soldiers. Many captured machine guns, automatic rifles and anti-tank weapons were also found.

The assault of Neskuchne lasted two and a half days - as a result, the defenders drove the occupants out and hoisted the Ukrainian flag over the village. The bodies of the invaders are still lying around and being collected by the Ukrainian military.


As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- According to our soldiers, the occupants fled from Neskuchne so much that they drowned themselves in the river. There was a gun battle in the streets of the village.

- Neskuchne was liberated from the enemy on June 10. Soldiers of the 'Arey' battalion carried out the operation under the command of Major Oleksandr Hryshchuk.

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