An occupier shot dead a contract worker from Moscow in Crimea, Russian media came up with the reason

One occupier killed another one in Crimea
One occupier killed another one in Crimea

A Russian serviceman shot dead his fellow soldier, a 42-year-old sergeant of the army of the aggressor country Alexei L in the north of the temporarily occupied Crimea

The incident occurred on the night of August 12. This was reported by one of the propaganda Telegram channels.

According to its version, Alexei L., who was a contract worker from Moscow, entered the guarded territory, did not give the password and did not respond to warning shots.

Ruslan M., a 45-year-old private from Krasnogorsk (Moscow Region), was on guard duty at one of the positions near the village of Pochetne.

The sergeant entered the positions of the Russian occupiers. The private saw an "unknown man" and asked for the password but the latter did not answer. Ruslan M. then fired two shots in the air, but the man kept moving. Then the guard shot him.

The Russian media say that later it turned out that the dead man was Ruslan M.'s coworker from the same military unit.

The Telegram channel has no information about what exactly Alexei L. was doing in the protected area. The materials were transferred to the military investigation department of the aggressor country.

Pochetne (Crimea, Ukraine) on the map

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, the operational command South warned the occupiers that the "hot season" of strikes will continue. It will be loud in Crimea until the last one of them leaves all our land.

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