Russian Olympics champion calls opponents of Russia's war in Ukraine an "aggressive minority" that "imposes outrages"

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Mamiashvili criticised the IOC

The President of the Russian Wrestling Federation, Mikhail Mamiashvili, has called the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) recommendations regarding the admission of athletes from Russia outrageous. In particular, the official was particularly outraged by the condition that prohibits law enforcement and army officers, as well as those who support the war in Ukraine, from taking part in the competition.

Mamiashvili said this on the air of the programme "Loudly!" on the propaganda TV channel "Match TV". The Seoul '88 Olympic champion complained about the "overwhelmingly aggressive minority imposing their own rules of the game" and forcing Russian athletes to compete under a neutral flag.


"The European Community has always explained that it lives by the law. But not a single statute of any federation or IOC charter says a word about these outrages. There is a clear position on what follows and what is to be done. When the problem arose that CSKA or Dynamo athletes could not compete, I turned to my colleagues, including the IOC, and said that we needed to open the Russian Constitution. It says that young people in Russia are liable for military service from the age of 18. If these outrages are imposed on us... Believe me, all these things come from an overwhelmingly aggressive minority who impose their own rules of the game," Z-patriot said.


Earlier, Mamiashvili spoke out in favour of "going to Paris in tanks" after being informed of the IOC's plans to allow Russians to participate in the 2024 Games as a refugee team.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Olympic athletics champion Yuri Borzakovsky explained Russia's suspension from international tournaments by saying "they are afraid of us, we are the best".

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