"Olympic family has just had these pigs": Russian head of federation that mocked Ukraine threatens IOC

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IBA stripped of IOC compliance status

The President of the International Boxing Association (IBA), Umar Kremlev, has called the leaders of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) pigs, whose executive committee has withdrawn recognition from the organisation. The Russian official spoke about the West's fear of Russia with threats typical of representatives of the aggressor country.

Kremlev said this in an interview with the propaganda channel Match TV. He added that his organisation allegedly brings "democracy, openness, honesty and transparency", forgetting about his illegal re-election. In addition, the Russian menacingly noted that he had set conditions for the IOC to return the IBA to Olympic sport.


"It's not us who are losing, it's them who are losing! We gave them the requirements to come back. What they need to do: there should be pure gold medals at the Olympics, there should be fees, and then we will see how we will accept their proposal. Sport needs to be cleansed of dirty politicians. We will do this, the Olympic family has just had these pigs, they need to be sent to the pen, let them shit in their own place. They should not be in sport," Kremlev said.

Earlier, the IBA became a laughingstock after it appealed to the IOC to be expelled from its membership. The IOC itself had previously responded harshly to Kremlev, who had made aggressive statements and calls for violence. In addition, children were used in Russia to attack the IOC over the IBA decision.


Prior to that, the IBA ignored the CAS decision to ban the presidential election and re-elected Kremlev. As a result, an ardent fan of dictator Vladimir Putin lifted the suspension of Russians from boxing tournaments and imposed sanctions on Ukraine.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, former world heavyweight champion Denis Lebedev attacked "gay Europe" over the IBA's expulsion from the IOC and said that more and more people are accepting "our light side".

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