Three more magnetic storms expected in April: When to expect a new weather storm

In April, the Earth can expect three more magnetic storms caused by the coronal mass ejection from the Sun. Specialists have shared their advice on how to better tolerate this period for weather-independent people.

This is reported by the service Spaceweather. According to the forecast, the nearest magnetic storm will happen on April 10-11 and will be of low intensity - only 4 points.

In addition, from April 16 to 18 you also need to be prepared for a weak storm of 4 points.

But on April 20 and 21, the Earth will be covered with a strong magnetic storm - its power will reach 6 points.

How to cope with a magnetic storm

During such magnetic storms, experts recommend reducing physical and emotional stress, having more rest, and spending time outdoors. It is also advisable to avoid conflict situations and follow a normal daily routine:

  • follow a sleep schedule;
  • Reduce consumption of coffee, unhealthy and fatty foods;
  • Monitor the amount of water you drink;
  • Maintain moderate, but not excessive physical activity.

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