These tips will make your skin smooth: dermatologists have named daily habits

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Skin care should be daily and correct

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, so it requires particularly careful care. Each of us strives to preserve our beauty and youthfulness for as long as possible, sometimes sparing no expense on "magic" cosmetics. In fact, a cream or mask can have a positive but short-lived effect, while you can really keep your skin well-groomed by developing good habits for life.

You need to take care of your skin from a young age and regularly, without waiting for instant rejuvenation or relief from rashes. The EveryDayHealth publication, citing certified dermatologists, named ways to preserve beauty and advised to be patient.

Normal daily care may be enough at a young age if your skin is healthy and does not cause problems. However, if you have skin conditions or want to get rid of the first signs of ageing, you should seek professional advice and follow their advice.

Use sunscreen all year round

No matter how simple this advice may seem, it deserves attention, as sun protection is the first step towards beauty and youth. Cheryl Burgess, MD, founder of the Centre for Dermatology and Dermatological Surgery in Washington, DC, assures us that "the number one anti-ageing cream is sunscreen".

The use of sunscreen cosmetics reliably protects your skin from premature aging and prevents the development of cancer. That's why dermatologists recommend using broad-spectrum products with an SPF above 30 all year round. This applies even when you are not in direct sunlight, as studies have shown that even the blue light emitted by your computer is associated with the formation of free radicals that accelerate aging.

Don't go to the solarium

Not only natural sunlight can be harmful to the skin. For example, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, visiting a tanning bed significantly increases the risk of melanoma, a malignant skin disease. Artificial radiation in special tanning rooms has a similar effect on the skin to that of the sun, and in some cases even stronger.

Add retinol and vitamin C

Every cosmetic product contains active ingredients that perform different functions. Dermatologists advise choosing products with retinol, as it minimises the signs of ageing, and vitamin C, which helps reduce the negative effects of oxidative processes on the skin.

Always cleanse your face of make-up

No matter how tired you may be, don't forget to cleanse your face before going to bed. Make-up residue can cause numerous problems not only with your skin but also with your health, from clogged pores and dry lips to eye damage.

For evening care, dermatologists recommend using a cleanser that foams well, as it can thoroughly wash away different types of cosmetics.

Protect your skin in winter

In winter, skin care requires special efforts, as cold, low humidity and wind have a negative impact on the skin. To protect and preserve youthfulness, doctors advise using products with moisturising ingredients such as glycerin or ammonium lactate.

Do not use expired products

Every care should be of high quality and regular, so if you haven't used a cream or lotion for a long time, you shouldn't go back to it. Cosmetic products have shelf life and should not be violated. Don't buy products at random, but analyse what you already have and what you need - this way you will avoid irrational purchases and choose the best skincare products.

Don't touch your skin when you are stressed

Some people have poor control over their behaviour when they are stressed. They may pick at the skin or break out in a rash, which in turn leads to infection, inflammation and scarring. Sometimes these behaviours can be a symptom of impulse control disorder. For example, a review published by the American Academy of Dermatology shows that during the coronavirus pandemic, people with this condition have seen an increase in skin picking.

Make skincare simple

In fact, it is not difficult to achieve beautiful and youthful skin, you do not need to resort to numerous procedures, constantly change cosmetics or apply many different products to your face.

Dermatologists advise following a simple rule: sun protection, cleansing and moisturising.

Quit smoking

Experts say that smoking makes your skin dry, dull, or red. That's why, if you want to stay young, you should think about quitting this bad habit.

Taking care of your beauty and youth should start from a young age and become a regular routine. To maintain healthy skin, follow the simple advice of dermatologists and organise not only daily care, but also a lifestyle with maximum benefits for the skin.

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