Russia attacked Kyiv for the second time in a day: rocket debris fell on the road and the roof of a building, there was a fire. Photo

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An air-raid alert is declared in the city and region

Explosions were heard in Kyiv on Monday, May 29. According to preliminary information, Ukrainian air defense shot down enemy missiles.

An air alert was declared in the city and the region. This was reported by the press service of the Kyiv city military administration.

"The air defense system is working in Kyiv! Take cover!" - noted in the Kyiv city military administration.

The mayor of the capital Vitaly Klitschko specified that the explosions occurred in the central districts of Kiev.

"Explosions in the city! In the central districts. Stay in shelters!" - he noted.

In the Obolonsky district, debris from the rocket fell on the roadway .Emergency services responded to a call near the center of the capital.


"Rescue and fire departments are extinguishing the debris of flaming rockets on the roadway," Klitschko noted.

The head of the Office of the President Andrei Yermak urged residents of the capital not to film the air defense work.

Later, the KCMA specified that as a result of air defense work to shoot down hostile targets, debris fell in the Podolsk district. Because of this there was a fire on the roof of a two-story building. The fire was localized. Medics hospitalized one injured person.

Klitschko confirmed that the explosions in Desnianskyy district were the result of air defense work.


It is worth noting that the Russian occupation army launched a new attack on Ukraine Monday night, May 29, with 35 kamikaze drones and 40 missiles. In a number of regions, anti-aircraft defenses worked off and fires and damage occurred in Kyiv and Lviv Oblast due to falling target debris. Arrivals were recorded in Odessa and Khmelnytschyna.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, on the night of Sunday, May 28, Russia staged the most massive attack by Shaheeds on Kyiv. In total, the occupiers fired 54 UAVs at Ukraine, 52 of which were destroyed.

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