Occupied Oleshki goes under water, Ship Square in Kherson flooded completely: the terrible consequences of the occupants blowing up the hydroelectric power plant. Video

Oleshki went under water

Russian occupants, having blown up the dam of the Kakhovka reservoir, literally drowned Oleshki in Kherson region, a town with a population of about 25,000 people. The streets of the settlement, which is temporarily under Russian control, turned into rivers.

This is evidenced by footage shot by local residents fleeing the flooding on the upper floors of their homes. Some high-rise buildings have been submerged under water up to the third floor, and people's lives and safety are in critical condition (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

The situation in Kherson itself is no better. Ship Square, a popular location in the regional center with a bus station, is drowned. People move around in boats, volunteers help people and animals evacuate to safety.


Read more about what tragedy the Russian army brought to the region with its terrorist attack at the link.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that the Ukrainian military observed Russian soldiers being swept away by floodwaters and fleeing from the eastern bank of the Dnieper River after the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant was blown up. As a result, many occupants were killed or wounded.

"The left bank is lower than the right bank, so it is more flooded. Enemy positions right on the river bank were also flooded. It should be understood that the enemy positions are not only trenches, but also ordinary houses of civilians where they lived," said Captain Andrey Podlesnyi, an eyewitness of the spectacle and an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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