In Maryanske, Dnipropetrovsk region a mass fish kill was recorded due to the consequences of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant explosion. Photo and video

Fish morass as a result of the Kakhovka dam explosion

In the village of Maryanske in Dnepropetrovsk region, located on the right bank of the Kakhovka reservoir, where the military attack of Russia took place the day before, a heartbreaking spectacle was discovered. Tons of freshwater fish had been thrown ashore because the Dnieper River had been salinated with minerals from the Black Sea as a result of the flooding.

Eyewitnesses have published footage of the morass. They show how still alive fish are dying in the sunlight, Russia has provoked a real ecocide, and this definition is not used for the sake of "red words" at all. (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

"Such, friends, is the scale of the tragedy in modern Ukraine," the author of the video emphasized.


The Ministry of Health urges citizens not to eat fish that died as a result of a natural morass. Such food will cause serious health damage, no matter how it is prepared.

"No cooking method will make it safe for you: such fish should not be consumed, including drying, curing, frying or boiling. These fish may contain infectious agents, parasites or dangerous chemicals!" - warned the department.



Recall that President Zelensky pointed out the lack of drinking water that the attack by Russians in Nova Kakhovka would lead to. Russia continues to commit demonstrative war crimes before the eyes of the world, and the world should not ignore this fact.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power plant in Kherson region led to the flooding of approximately 10 thousand hectares of agricultural land on the right bank. The man-made disaster will stop water supply to 31 field irrigation systems in Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions.

"Another problem will be the ingress and death of freshwater fish and other bioresources into the salty waters of the Black Sea. In turn, the Black Sea fauna from the massive influx of fresh water may also die. In total, according to preliminary estimates, the damage from the death of all bioresources will amount to 10.5 billion hryvnias, "- estimated in the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

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