Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi and FC Rukh donated almost 4 million for the creation of the Iron Dome system for Lviv region

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Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi is a businessman and philanthropist, founder of FC Rukh (Lviv)

The People's Self-Defense of Lviv Region NGO sent a request to the Movement to the Future charitable organization to finance an aid package for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Rukh Foundation and its founder, Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi, responded to the military's request and donated UAH 3.7 million to purchase equipment and vehicles for the Zakhid military-industrial complex. Thermal imagers, night vision devices, vehicles and equipment for them, laser pointers, sights, etc. were purchased for the Ukrainian military.

Hryhory Kozlovsky said that FC Rukh and the charitable organization responded to the initiative of the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration Maksym Kozytskyi and the acting head of the Lviv Regional Council Yuriy Kholod to create a tactical air defense system similar to the Iron Dome system in Israel to protect Lviv and the region from Shahed drones.

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi and FC Rukh donated almost 4 million for the creation of the Iron Dome system for Lviv region

"Today, when the world is shocked by a new war between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group, we have seen once again how terrible the consequences of military attacks on cities and infrastructure can be. Ukrainians have been living in a state of war for almost two years now, and our defenders are doing everything they can to drive the enemy from Ukrainian soil. Every day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine make great efforts to protect both Ukrainian lives and critical infrastructure from enemy attacks. In winter, energy infrastructure facilities became the main target of the terrorist country. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, more than 260 such attacks have been recorded. Critical infrastructure ensures important functions of the state. That is why today we need to increase our support for our soldiers. We help with the purchase of thermal imagers, vehicles, drones and other necessary equipment that will ensure our military can further protect Ukrainians from enemy attacks. After all, our critical infrastructure is now under the aggressor's sights," Kozlovskyi said.

The Lviv Regional Military Commissariat has purchased equipment and gear that will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine defend the region from enemy attacks on critical infrastructure during the heating season.

"The list of what needed to be purchased was compiled by the Zakhid Production Company. We worked through the list and determined what we could and could not buy. After all, there are dual-purpose devices that are on the market, but there is also equipment that cannot be found on the market. Socially responsible business, in particular FC Rukh, paid for some of the equipment and machinery that the Zakhid military-industrial complex will receive by transferring funds," said Taras Hren, advisor to the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

The philanthropist is actively helping the Ukrainian military. Hryhoriy Kozlovsky personally handed over 6 military trucks, an excavator, nets and 20 radios to two Lviv brigades. Before that, Hrygoriy Kozlovskyi's funds were used to purchase 250 artillery tablets, 2 multifunctional training complexes, 70 radio stations, 50 generators, about 2,000 sapper blades, hundreds of grinders, laptops and tablets, a minivan, and to overhaul 15 vehicles for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyi added, "FC Rukh has helped and will continue to help with drones, anti-Lancet systems, and other necessary equipment to bring the day of Victory over Russian evil closer."

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