Experts advise on how to increase male fertility

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Infertility can be both female and male.

The desire to have a child together is the highest manifestation of love and trust between people and indicates a willingness to take responsibility for a new life. However, unfortunately, sometimes there are numerous obstacles on the way to happy parenthood. Infertility is one of the most common problems of our time, which is rapidly spreading around the world. As a rule, a woman is the first to be examined and treated, but the likelihood of a man having problems is very high.

Some serious cases of infertility, both female and male, are not always amenable to therapy. However, there are simple ways to improve male fertility. Some of them were described by ETimes.

Male infertility is the inability to fertilise a female ovum. This can be due to sexual dysfunction or sperm quality. The number and quality of sperm is a key aspect of male fertility. To improve it, it is sometimes enough to change your lifestyle and improve your diet.

Go in for sports

An active lifestyle is good for the whole body, as it helps to lose weight and prevent diseases. For men, regular physical activity will only improve their health. For example, a scientific experiment has shown that over 16 weeks of aerobic exercise for 50 minutes daily, overweight men with a sedentary lifestyle increased their sperm concentration and volume.

Get rid of bad habits

Smoking, alcohol or drugs have a detrimental effect on the body and can also lead to a deterioration in men's health. For example, alcohol can reduce testosterone levels and cause problems with libido or even impotence, and smoking, according to research, reduces sperm count.

Replenish your antioxidant supply

Antioxidants are essential for the body's ability to resist the oxidative effects of free radicals. They can not only improve the functioning of the immune system, but also have a positive effect on male fertility. For example, a review of studies shows that the best antioxidants that help increase healthy sperm are vitamin C, lutein, beta-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin.

Balance your diet

We have known about the benefits of proper nutrition for humans for a long time. Its role is also important for men's health. Thus, the diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, which are crucial for sperm production. A study has shown that men with infertility who took omega-3s had a significant improvement in sperm motility and concentration.

At the same time, you should get rid of food preferences that negatively affect the male reproductive system. According to experts, these include an excess of red and processed meat, unhealthy saturated fats, and a lack of fruit and vegetables.

Don't wear tight clothes

You may never have thought about it, but even your clothes or underwear can affect your health. For example, tight trousers or underpants increase the temperature in the scrotum and negatively affect testicular function and spermatogenesis. This is the conclusion reached by scientists after a series of studies.

Take supplements

Unfortunately, we can't always get all the nutrients we need from food. That's why adding certain supplements to your diet can also be justified after consulting a doctor. For example, despite the need for further study, scientists today show a positive effect of vitamin D on improving male fertility and sperm motility.

Some studies point to the ability of folic acid and zinc to increase sperm count and concentration. In addition, you can pay attention to ginseng root (ashwagandha), a traditional remedy for male dysfunction. According to some studies, its regular intake significantly increases the number of sperm in men.

Avoid stress

Being under constant stress leads to an increase in cortisol and a decrease in testosterone levels. This can affect sexual satisfaction and male fertility. Find an effective way to calm down that works for you, and if your psychological state worsens, consult your doctor about prescribing sedatives.

In the matter of fertility, men's health depends on men's health no less than women's health. That is why you need to take care of yourself not only when you already have problems. Adherence to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, regular physical activity and a stable psyche - all this can be the key to a long and happy life, give the joy of intimate relationships and reward with the birth of a child.

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