Air Force told what missiles Russia lacks and named the enemy's priority targets

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Russia continues to produce missiles

Russia still lacks missiles of the X-101, X-555 and Kalibr types. However, the Russian occupiers will continue to attack Western weapons and fuel and energy sector facilities.

This statement was made by the spokesman for the Air Force Command, Yuriy Ihnat. He said this during an all-Ukrainian telethon (to watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

"Without a sufficient number of long-range cruise missiles, they will use what they can afford. This applies to both X-555 air-launched missiles and Kalibr, which can fly far and accurately. They will use them for their highest priority targets," Ihnat said.

According to the Air Force Command spokesperson, the occupiers' priority is Western weapons supplied to Ukraine by their partners and the fuel and energy sector facilities that the Armed Forces depend on to supply their military.

It is worth noting that the Russian Ministry of Defence has changed its rhetoric on missile strikes against Ukraine amid criticism from Russian citizens, trying to portray a pre-emptive approach to their fears of a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. And the fact that the aggressor is using fewer missiles each time indicates that it is having problems with their production.

Nataliya Gumenyuk, spokesperson for the South Military Command, said that Russia continues to produce missiles and shells to strike Ukraine. Now the enemy army is trying to destroy logistics routes and logistics centres, which will create an obstacle to the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army on the eve of a large-scale counteroffensive.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, citizens of the terrorist state of Russia, who are always happy to see strikes on Ukraine, are outraged that their missiles are not reaching their targets. They expressed dissatisfaction that there were no power cuts in any Ukrainian city during the air attack on the morning of May 1.

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