After 23 injuries: the chief sergeant of a company of the Donbas battalion got back on his feet and thanked Ukrainians. Video.

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Ihor Metlushan took his first steps after 7 months of treatment

Ihor Metlushan, a staff sergeant with the Donbass National Guard battalion, is learning to walk again after being seriously injured and undergoing extensive treatment. He thanked Ukrainians for their financial assistance in his treatment and moral support.

Journalist Yuriy Butusov wrote about this on his Facebook page. He also posted a video of the soldier's first steps.


Ihor Metlushan, who received 23 injuries at the front, spent 7 months in hospital.

Last autumn, he came under heavy shelling from Hurricane rocket launchers, and the shrapnel broke bones and blood vessels in both his arms and legs.

"There was a real threat of limb amputation, because the bones were severely broken. Now the surgeries are ongoing, but Ihor is up and trying to move. His bones have just fused up, but he is trying hard to get back into action," Butusov said.

The Ukrainian defender recently became a father. However, Ihor considers his battalion to be his second family, so he is most eager to return to the front.

"Many thanks to the doctors and volunteers who made these steps possible," Butusov wrote.


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