Zelensky visited the front line and presented awards to Ukrainian defenders on Marine Corps Day. Photo and video

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Zelensky presented awards to marines at the front

President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the advanced positions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine on the line Vugledar - Marinka in the Donetsk region on May 23. He presented state awards to Marines, who are celebrating their professional holiday this Tuesday.

The Commander-in-Chief thanked all the soldiers for defending Ukraine. His press service published images from the trip (to see photos and video, scroll to the end of the news).

"Our defenders. Frontline. I'm here today to congratulate our soldiers on their Navy SEAL Day. Glory to everyone who defends Ukraine!" - the president noted.



During his visit to the front line, Zelensky spoke with commanders and enlisted men of the brigades of the AFU Naval Forces.



During the presentation of awards, the president shook hands with each Marine, among whom were women. After the ceremony and socializing, he took a picture with the defenders.


"The Marine Corps is a brotherhood of strong, tough, true to their convictions and calling, always demonstrating speed, determination and results. Thank you for that!" - Zelensky added.


The President's Office provided details of the trip, noting that the Ukrainian leader visited the advanced positions of the AFU in the Vugledar-Mariinka defense strip on the occasion of Marine Corps Day. He heard a report from Lieutenant General Yuriy Sodol, commander of the Marines and OTU "Donetsk", on the current situation in a particular section of the front. He also interacted with Ukrainian soldiers and took part in the celebrations.


According to the president, since the beginning of the Russian aggression, military units and subunits of the Marines have reliably held the defense at the most critical sections of the front, professionally and confidently destroying the invaders.



"Every day on the battlefield, the Ukrainian Marines prove that they are a powerful force that destroys the enemy, liberates Ukrainian lands, and performs the most difficult tasks in the most difficult conditions. And we need more such force. That's why as of today we're significantly increasing the potential of the Marines and creating the Marine Corps," he said.


Zelensky said that new brigades will be formed in Ukraine, provided with modern equipment and weapons.



Also, the commander-in-chief presented state awards. In particular, for personal courage and heroism shown in defense of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and selfless service to the Ukrainian people, he awarded the title Hero of Ukraine and the "Gold Star" Order to Colonel Yuri Andrienko and Colonel Mykola Palas.


For personal courage and selfless actions in defense of Ukraine, Zelensky awarded the marines with the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky І, ІІ and ІІІ degrees, "For courage" ІІ and ІІІ degrees, Princess Olga ІІІ degree and the Order of Daniil Galitsky.


In addition, in order to distinguish high professionalism, combat merits, courage and bravery of the personnel of military units, the head of state presented the Presidential award "For courage and bravery" to the command of the Marines of the AFU Navy, the 35th separate marine brigade named after Rear Admiral Mikhail Ostrogradsky and its units: The 18th and 137th Independent Marines Battalions, the 406th Independent Artillery Brigade named after Rear Admiral Alexei Almazov and the 140th Independent Reconnaissance Battalion.


The president awarded the military rank of brigadier general to Colonel Alexei Androsov, the chief of staff and deputy commander of the Navy of the AFU.


At the end of the event, the Marines presented Zelensky with their flag, a commemorative plaque and chevrons of all Marine Corps units.


Recall: on the morning of May 23, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny congratulated Marines on their professional holiday.


The head of state said that the enemy feels the power of our soldiers and thanked them for defending the state.


For his part, Iron General Zaluzhny thanked the Marines for their professionalism, fortitude and endurance.


As OBOZREVATEL reported, on May 20, AFU fighters defending the Kherson direction from the occupants received awards from AFU Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny and Commander of the United Forces of the AFU Sergey Naev. Colonel Anatoliy Stefan presented the awards on their behalf.

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