Zelensky: not a single Partiot is destroyed, they work as efficiently as possible

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Zelensky assured that all Ukrainian Patriots are now working as efficiently as possible

Despite the fact that Russia tells fables about the destruction of Ukrainian Patriot air defense systems, all the systems are currently on alert and shooting down Russian missiles, unharmed. The only thing a terrorist state should be concerned about now is that it will lose temporarily occupied territories.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in his evening address to Ukrainians on June 18. According to him, there is no and will be no alternative to the de-occupation steps of our state (to see the video, scroll to the end of the news).

The head of state also recalled the visit of an African delegation to Ukraine and Russia.

"The delegation had an opportunity to see who is really interested in peace and who is really a war in itself. It was very clear. Everything that was talked about in Ukraine was about the peace formula: point by point, all the content. Everything that was talked about in Russia was about war, about how to destroy life further. Obviously: there is no alternative to the peace formula. It's good that the world hears it better and sees it," noted Zelensky.

At the same time, he noted that the terrorist state has no chance.

"Captured territories Russia will lose. Our steps to de-occupy there is not and will not be an alternative. Our military is moving: position by position, step by step we go forward," the president noted.

"There was Ramstein this week, and the most important thing is the speed of delivery. Next week there will also be new important communications with partners - precisely for the sake of our movement, precisely for the sake of weapons, precisely so that our soldiers have everything they need," the head of state added. and expressed his gratitude to all those who stand in defense of Ukraine.

Recall that the Defense Ministry's Main Directorate of Intelligence also debunked the myth of Russian dictator Vladimir 

As OBOZREVATEL reported:

- The speaker of the AFU Yuri Ignat ridiculed the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the occupiers allegedly "destroyed" in Ukraine five Patriot air defense systems. According to him, the Russian Federation apparently does not even understand what this anti-aircraft missile system is and what it consists of;

- On May 16, the Russian Ministry of Defense boasted of "destruction" of Patriot SAMs and strikes on "the deployment points of the AFU. It is noteworthy that these statements were then ridiculed online by Russians themselves;

- Kremlin propagandists also delighted their viewers with the occupants' "successes" in the war against Ukraine, but ended up disgraced. Russians tried to show how the invaders "destroy" HIMARS MLRS, which in fact turned out to be Russian equipment.

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