Zelenski: getting ready for new events in May and June

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Volodymyr Zelensky
Volodymyr Zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that the week of May 1-7 was very fruitful for Ukraine. Now active preparations are underway for new events in May and June.

"We must make this time no less fruitful both in supplying weapons to our soldiers and in solutions for Ukraine, in negotiations with our partners," the guarantor said. He said this in a new address to the nation, which was published on the evening of May 7. The video was shared by the YouTube channel of the Office of the President (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

Zelensky did not go into detail, but said that the authorities were preparing a new legislative initiative. The preparation of sanctions against the aggressor continues. New international meetings have been scheduled in Kyiv (at different levels), and negotiations concerning military assistance are continuing.

The president hinted that among the weapons in question are air defense assets.

"We are working out in great detail [...] new steps in aid to Ukraine, expect them in the near future - exactly what we need for our strength on the front lines, to protect our skies, for justice against terrorists and for more rapid restoration of peace for all Ukrainian land. Those decisions that can be talked about publicly, I will be sure to let you know," he said.

Zelensky told Ukrainians about the results of the week

For Russia, security is the main target; the aggressor wants to bring death and chaos. Therefore, "it is very important that the world knows every fact of Russian terror against our people," the Ukrainian leader stressed.

"For the world to talk about what the terrorist state is doing and how we protect life. I am grateful to anyone and everyone who helps us by spreading the truth about Russian strikes and shelling, about the occupiers' cruelty that does not stop for a day!" - declared the guarantor.

He recalled the constant shelling of Nikopol, Kherson and the region, Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, villages in the border areas in Chernihiv and Sumy region, enemy strikes in Donbass.

"Just yesterday and just one Russian strike in the Kherson region killed nine Ukrainians - they were engaged in demining, returning safety for the people. My condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed," the president said.

He made special mention of:

- The 3rd Separate Assault Brigade and the 24th Separate Mechanized Brigade for successfully destroying terrorists in Donetschina;

- the 57th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade and 93rd Mechanized Brigade, for their heroic defense of their positions and exemplary fortitude;

- on the Tavrichesk direction - the paratroopers of the Seventy-ninth and artillerymen of the 55th Separate Zaporizhskaya Sech Brigade

- fighters of the 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade and marines of the 35th Separate Rear Admiral Mikhail Ostrogradsky Brigade.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- The media write that the U.S. and Australia are preparing a common package of military assistance to Ukraine. It is expected that it will be announced by the end of May 2023.

- On May 4, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo said that his country will transfer a new package of military assistance to Ukraine. The Belgian government is already working on it.

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