"We remember about everyone, each and every one we are looking for": Zelensky told about the exchange of prisoners and showed an emotional video

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Zielenski showed touching footage of the prisoner exchange held on June 11

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke about the return of Ukrainian prisoners of war, which took place the day before, on June 11. The leader of the state assured: we will not leave anyone of our own, nothing to the enemy.

The head of state also showed an emotional video in his Telegram. From the Russian captivity managed to pull 95 more of our soldiers.

Zelensky expressed gratitude to the entire team that deals with the exchanges, as well as to each soldier who ensures that Ukraine has an exchange fund for the release of our people.


"All are remembered, each and every one is sought, all must be returned. And we will!" - assured the president.

In total, according to him, 2,526 Ukrainians and Ukrainian women have already been returned during the full-scale war in Ukraine.



Recall: On June 11, Ukraine returned 95 more defenders from Russian captivity. The lists of those who finally returned home include 2 officers and 93 enlisted men and women.

"In particular, prisoners from Mariupol, Chernobyl NPP, Snake Island, from near Bakhmut, as well as Azovstal defenders are going to their families. It was also possible to return the participants of the special operation, who had been flown by helicopter to surrounded Mariupol, to Azovstal. Many were in captivity wounded," the head of the OP Andriy Yermak said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- during the exchange of prisoners on June 11, the Russian occupants were offered not to return to the Russian Federation, but to join the Russian Volunteer Corps. One of the occupants refused the exchange and stated that he wanted to join the Russian Volunteer Corps. War criminal Prigozhin has already reacted to the prisoner's decision, calling him a traitor;

- earlier, a representative of the Russian Freedom Legion with the call sign "Caesar" appealed to Prigozhin to release Lieutenant Colonel Roman Vinivitin, commander of the 72nd Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces. Instead, the Russian volunteer, who fights on the side of the AFU, promised to give the Wagnerians dozens of Russian privates and lieutenants taken prisoner by the Defense Forces.

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