"Ukraine is ready": Zelensky spoke out about the prospects of joining NATO and security guarantees

Zelensky on Ukraine's Readiness to Join NATO

President Volodymyr Zelensky, who arrived in Chisinau for the summit of the European political community, once again drew attention to Ukraine's unwavering aspiration to join NATO. Against the background of the threat posed by our closest neighbor, Russia, nothing will provide such security guarantees to the sovereignty of our people as membership in the bloc.

The Moldovan media reported the words of the Ukrainian president during a press conference he held with his colleague Maia Sandu. Zelensky stressed that it was not easy for him to come to Chisinau, but he understands how important it is to personally support Moldova today, where the Russian Federation is constantly trying to destabilize the situation.

"My visit is a message from all Ukrainians: we support the Moldovan people, we are always ready to walk together, shoulder to shoulder. Thank you to the citizens of this beautiful country for welcoming all our people, all refugees, we will never forget it," the Ukrainian leader said.


Zelenskyy noted that Ukraine is ready to join NATO, and official Kyiv expects a positive response from its allies in the alliance. And joining the North Atlantic bloc is not only in the interests of our state.

"Security guarantees are important not only for Ukraine, but also for our neighbors - for Moldova because of Moscow's aggression, which it continues every day", - summarized the politician.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that Lithuanian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karinsh expressed his opinion on the need for Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Alliance after the end of the war. According to him, such a step is mandatory to ensure peace and security on the continent.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg holds a similar position. He pointed out that during the war Ukraine "becomes even closer to NATO" by providing weapons and training to Ukrainian soldiers.

"If Ukraine does not win, then there will be no question of membership to discuss... I think everyone understands that the question of becoming a member in the middle of a war is not on the agenda. That's not the issue. The question is more about what happens after this war is over," the politician remarked.

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