Why you should leave one light bulb on during a thunderstorm: the reason will surprise you

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Why you should leave one light bulb on during a thunderstorm

Fall is a time of bad weather and rain, and while summer thunderstorms provide a welcome coolness, October storms can be a cause for concern. Given that we are surrounded by electronics, the question regarding the use of electronics during a thunderstorm is as relevant as never.

It turns out that there are many myths surrounding the use of electronic devices during a thunderstorm. Some of them were debunked by Porady Interia.

Electronics during a thunderstorm

When some people see the first flashes of lightning in the sky, they quickly unplug all electronic devices. Others are much calmer and continue to use electronics. Of course, there is no need to panic, but the second group should change their habits a bit.

Experts recommend turning off electronic equipment during a thunderstorm as this way we will protect it from damage that even the best service center cannot repair.

Even using surge protectors does not guarantee safety. In the event of such a strong discharge, they do not work, so they should not be considered reliable protection for electronics, including computer equipment.

You should also not use electrical appliances during a thunderstorm (for example, a blender, mixer, or hair dryer). In the event of a lightning strike, this may create a risk of electric shock for the user due to the impulse propagating in the wires of the appliance.

Use of phones

One of the most common myths concerns the use of smartphones. During a thunderstorm, we often continue to use the Internet and scroll through the news feed. There are still discussions online about whether phones attract lightning. The affirmative answer is one of the most popular myths.

Experts note that the cellular network itself does not affect where lightning will strike. The electromagnetic field generated by a smartphone is too weak to attract lightning. Therefore, it is possible to use your cell phone during a thunderstorm, but only if it is not plugged.

Internet during a thunderstorm

Mobile Internet also does not attract lightning. However, experts emphasize that modems and routers should be disconnected from the power grid during a thunderstorm.

A laptop unplugged from the outlet is not dangerous. However, you should not turn on your desktop computer.

A light bulb and a thunderstorm

It turns out that an ordinary light bulb can increase our safety. In the event of a lightning strike, an overvoltage can circulate in the network when the equipment is turned off. It will not find an outlet, and reconnecting the TV or computer can seriously damage the device. If we turn on a light bulb, the destructive power of the surge will be directed to it. This is a much smaller loss than the risk of failure of more expensive devices.

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