Which foods and drinks should be avoided during the New Year's celebration in 2024: advice from a dietitian

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The dietitian recommends alternating approaches to the table with dancing

Losing weight for the New Year to fit into the chosen festive outfit is a common practice. However, the question of what to eat and drink to avoid regaining the lost weight in just one night is equally common.

Anna Mokhonko, the founder of Your Nutritionist Center and a specialist in weight loss, provided some advice on this matter, as reported by Facts.

Firstly, the expert advises against consuming packaged juices and carbonated sweet drinks, either separately or as part of cocktails. Instead, it is better to opt for pure water or a small amount of sugar-free fruit drink.

According to Mokhonko, the best choice is dry wine or sparkling brut, and it's advisable to limit oneself to a couple of glasses. You can also indulge in something stronger, but in an amount not exceeding 50-100 grams.

It's recommended to avoid sweet alcohol, such as liqueurs, cocktails, and spirits with soda. Ideally, sweets should be avoided during dinner, and cakes and desserts should be saved for breakfast on January 1.

If sandwiches are buttered, it's better to consume them in the first half of the new year's day.

To improve digestion, even after consuming heavy foods, Anna Mokhonko suggests taking 1-2 hour breaks between meals. Additionally, incorporating movement, such as dancing or playing games, will help burn calories immediately.

Taking a break of at least two hours between the last meal and bedtime is also important for better digestion.

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