Ukrainians have only 3 days left: Poland has radically changed the terms of support

In July, the conditions of stay for Ukrainian refugees in Poland will change
In July, the conditions of stay of Ukrainian refugees in Poland will change. Source: Unsplash

Starting July 1, Poland will change the conditions of support for Ukrainian refugees. In particular, this will affect the provision of assistance for schoolchildren, housing, and benefits for newcomers to the country.

This became possible due to a law signed by President Andrzej Duda earlier in June. Among other things, the authorities extended the status of temporary protection for refugees from Ukraine until September 30, 2025.

OBOZ.UA has figured out what other changes Ukrainians in Poland need to know about.

What will be canceled?

The amendment to the law provides for the abolition of the one-time social assistance of 300 zlotys previously received by Ukrainian refugees. Funding for accommodation and food allowance for Ukrainian refugees in difficult circumstances will be provided only under the condition of an agreement with a local voivode or local government.

Grounds for revocation of residence permits expanded

The Polish authorities will now have more grounds to revoke the residence permits of Ukrainian citizens: the permit may be revoked for reasons of national defense or security or if a Ukrainian citizen leaves the territory of Poland for at least 6 months. Such changes, according to the government, are aimed at ensuring Poland's national security.

The rules for obtaining a PESEL have been changed

In addition, to obtain a PESEL personal identification number, a valid document podróży issued by the voivode at the place of residence will be required. Also, the deadline for applying for a PESEL number with the status of UKR will be immediately after arrival in Poland, and not 30 days later, as before.

Polish language lessons

The maximum period of participation in additional free Polish language classes for students has been limited to 36 months. This decision will apply to those who started classes in the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years to facilitate the adaptation of Ukrainian children in Polish schools.

Conditions for granting child support payments

Payments under the "Good Start" program, which provides a one-time payment of 300 (3 thousand UAH) per year for the purchase of school supplies, will now depend on whether the child is enrolled in a Polish educational institution. Additionally, the appointment and payment of the child-rearing allowance of PLN 800 (UAH 8 thousand) will also depend on the child's enrollment in a Polish educational institution. The new rules on child benefits will come into force on June 1, 2025.

In addition, the deadline for applying for a conditional right to work as a doctor, dentist, nurse, and midwife, as well as for the recognition of the identity cards of a country that has terminated the international agreement on their mutual recognition, has been extended by 4 months. Access to medical, family, and social benefits and allowances paid by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), as well as the possibility of staying in collective accommodation facilities, has also been expanded.

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