Traveling to Monaco: let's explore the city-state

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Monaco: what to see

This country is famous for its glamor, sparkle of diamonds, and the roar of expensive cars. Read on to find out what else is special about this land of luxury.

Monte Carlo Casino

A real legend that has been attracting gamblers for many years. The casino was opened in 1865 on the initiative of Princess Caroline. By the way, it is often mentioned in novels, movies, and songs. That is why it has become one of the most famous in the world. People play roulette, poker, slots, etc. here.

It seems that it is not affordable for an ordinary tourist. However, we hasten to dispel your doubts. Travelers are allowed to enter the lobby and the first hall absolutely free of charge. Therefore, it will not be difficult to get inside.

If you want to go further, play or watch others do it, you need to pay €10 extra.

Traveling to Monaco: let's explore the city-state

Opera House

This architectural gem is located in the same building as a casino. Composers such as Wagner, Verdi, Rossini, and Caruso used to perform here.

At night, the atmosphere around the building resembles one of the evenings of a royal ball. Here, all spectators follow a dress code. Men wear sophisticated suits, women wear elegant dresses.

Café de Paris

This place is located on the same square as the previous attractions. Aristocrats, celebrities, and artists used to gather here. Over time, its popularity waned. But you can still meet stars in the cafe.

By the way, a cup of coffee here will cost €5-8, a salad - €20-30, and a main course - €25-40.

Hercules Port

Many yachts of famous people and millionaires are moored at the marina. It was opened in 1926. Now it can accommodate more than 700 vessels. The construction of this place has also increased the development of tourism.

Be sure to come here. Maybe you will have a chance to meet some celebrities.

Traveling to Monaco: let's explore the city-state

Old town of Monaco-Ville

It stands on a 140-meter cliff above the sea. To get here, you will have to climb the mountain or drive up by transport. Today it is a historic center with more than 1000 inhabitants.

The main administrative and historical buildings are located here. Every tourist should visit St. Nicholas Cathedral, Byzantium Square, and St. Martin Gardens. And also go up to the observation deck.

The princely palace

The official residence of the rulers of Monaco. There is a museum in one wing and the Grimaldi family's private quarters in the other.

By the way, if the flags are at half-mast, it means that the monarch has left the building. Only at such moments do the doors open for tourists.

Traveling to Monaco: let's explore the city-state

St. Nicholas Cathedral

The main church of Monaco and the tomb of the rulers. The first parish church used to stand on this site. If you come here on holidays, you can hear the organ playing. It was installed here in 1976.

Museum of the old town

Be sure to add it to your list of places to visit. The attraction is a fairly budget-friendly option. The entrance is free. The attraction was built to preserve national identity and to pass on the traditions of indigenous peoples to the next generations.

The Monégasque language is also taught here. History buffs will definitely like this place.

Oceanographic institution

The location looks like a movie set about archaeological excavations. Here, tourists will find a huge skeleton of a whale and other marine life. And the aquarium is home to more than 4000 fish.

Traveling to Monaco: let's explore the city-state

An exotic garden

The plant kingdom is located 100 meters above sea level. Here, travelers will see not only cacti and succulents but will also be able to look into the grotto. By the way, it was formed from a lime rock. It offers a great view of the city.

Larvotto Beach

The only free beach for recreation. By the way, it was created artificially. Since that day, clean sand has been regularly brought here. The place is perfect for family leisure with children.

The water is constantly cleaned and purified with special filters. To protect people from jellyfish, a special net was stretched here. That is why this beach is so popular with both travelers and locals.

Traveling to Monaco: let's explore the city-state


Just 50 years ago, water was flowing here. Now it is a new neighborhood. Climbers often come here to climb the Grimaldi Rock. There is also a helicopter landing site. It connects the Principality of Monaco with France by air.

Rates for housing, transportation and food

Hotel prices range from €100 to €500 per night and more. It all depends on the season, type of apartment, and location. Staying in hostels is the most budget-friendly option. Fees start at €50.

The cost of food in stores is much higher than in neighboring France and Italy. For example, bread can be bought for €2-3, fruit for €5-10, fish and seafood for €30-40, and vegetables for €5-10. By the way, the markets are much cheaper.

The city has a well-developed public transportation network. A bus or train ticket will cost about €2.

The initial fee for a taxi ride is €5, and then €2 per kilometer is added.

The cost of renting a car starts at €100 per day.

The tiny country attracts tourists with its elegance and exclusivity. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of luxury. Monaco is waiting for you!

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