Scaring off buyers: what changes in the house should not be made before selling

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Bold architectural decisions can create additional problems when reselling a home

It's always a good idea to make some minor repairs before selling your home. Fixing problems in a timely manner and making the premises look fresher can significantly increase the value of real estate. But you can also make mistakes that will not only not raise the price, but can seriously bring it down.

OBOZREVATEL asked real estate experts for their opinion to find out what common mistakes people make when preparing their homes for sale. Here's what they pointed out.

Hiding original features

Design solutions that are unusual for modern urban real estate, such as fireplaces, arches, stoves, original stucco moldings, etc., give a home individuality and can significantly increase its value. If you don't just modernize the heating system in the house, but also remove the stove or fireplace, it will make the room look typical and less special. Such solutions can often be found in cities in western Ukraine, such as Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk. The region has many old Austrian buildings with authentic elements that are often destroyed by the owners themselves. And experts say it's a shame. When it comes to arches, only original architectural elements of this type can affect the cost, not the shapes imposed on the aisles in new buildings.

Removing the bathtub

For example, shower cabins have become very popular nowadays. They are inexpensive to maintain and easy to use. But a bathtub makes a bathroom more comfortable and luxurious. Many people will gladly pay extra for the opportunity to spend an evening lying in warm water right at home from time to time.

Eliminating the bedroom

The studio format, an open-plan living space, is a very popular technique in interior design today. And it has its advantages, as it increases living space. Indeed, when we sleep, it doesn't matter to us whether we do it in a spacious separate room or in a small corner separated by a light partition. That's why customers often remove such a room as a bedroom. But this can reduce the value of the apartment at the time of sale. Not all buyers will feel good if their home is an open area without a comfortable private nook with closed access. So if you have a separate bedroom in your apartment, consider keeping it.

Attic conversion

If you arrange an additional bedroom in the attic, it will increase the living space of the house and, accordingly, add to its value. But such rooms are not always comfortable. It's often hot in summer, the roof can leak in autumn and winter, and heating and water supply do not always reach this height well. And the buyer will get an extra problem instead of a comfortable room. That is why such rooms are always treated with suspicion. But if you are seriously thinking about converting your attic into a living space, make sure you can do the work properly.

Poorly executed repairs

Even cosmetic changes before selling a home need to be done carefully. After all, the buyer will definitely tap suspicious areas of the walls and test the paint with his finger. What can we say about poorly fitted windows and doors, shoddy partitions, and hastily covered gaps?

Excessive decoration

It may seem paradoxical, but both a lack of individuality in the interior, as mentioned in the first point of this list, and an excess of it can reduce the cost of housing. Too bold colors in the design, bizarre architectural forms, and very non-standard solutions can scare off buyers. After all, not everyone agrees to spend the night in a spherical capsule in the middle of an open space and between dark purple walls with yellow and red dots. While the problem with the walls can be solved by simply repainting, the problem with the molds is more complicated - their reformatting will require serious repairs. Therefore, always think about the future sale of the apartment when you are planning something so special.

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