"Russian special services are not something unique": SSU names possible scenarios of undermining the situation in Ukraine. Video

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Russian special services will continue to undermine the situation in Ukraine. Source: Media detector

Russian special services will continue to try to undermine the internal situation in Ukraine. To do this, they will use various methods: from filming propaganda videos to inflating internal problems.

This was stated by military expert and former SSU officer Ivan Stupak on Oboz.Talk. He noted that the form of destabilization chosen by the Russians will depend on who we are dealing with.

"First of all, let's take the following as a basis. The Russian intelligence services are not unique, they are not just something incredible, something unreal. There are people there, ordinary people, there are very creative, very cynical, very professional intelligence officers, FSB officers, military intelligence officers. There are outright idiots, I'm sorry, but that's the way it is. There are people who are a year and a half away from retirement, and it is important for them to sit out so that no one touches them," the expert explained.

He noted that each of these people has a different approach to work, so it will depend on which of them will deal with the "Ukrainian issue".

"First, it is, of course, to influence the information space. The country has various problems that are generated internally, within the country, we generate them, our government generates them. There's a corruption scandal somewhere, it's not like the Russians invented it," Stupak explained.

Another way, he said, is "a variety of cheap movies," which still make an impression on some people.

The expert also suggested that next week, the Russians will launch a large-scale campaign about the fact that May 20 is the last day of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's term in office.

"They will throw this into the information space of Ukraine for civilians. For the military, they will say that you, the military, are fulfilling the illegal orders of an illegitimate president. That's the Kyiv regime, the illegitimate one, it will be standard. Plus, this will be a throw-in for the Western audience, which will be asked how to turn to Zelenskyy when he is illegitimate, who is he, he is not the president, he is not elected. In Russia there is an elevted president, but not in Ukraine," Stupak said.

"So I think this kind of pressure will happen, of course, with different variations," he added.

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