Russian Federation receives components and equipment for military equipment from Finland: media revealed details

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Russia still receives components and equipment from Finland
Russia still receives components and equipment from Finland

Components and equipment are still being supplied from Finland to the terrorist country of Russia, which are then used in the defense industry. For example, a number of companies registered in Finland with ties to Russia and their clients linked to Russian security forces have been identified.

We are talking about about 20 companies that exported components to Russia that can be used in the defense industry. This was reported in a Yle article.

These are small logistics firms owned by people connected to Russia, with offices located in tiny premises mostly in the southeastern part of the country, near major logistics hubs. One of the companies in the spotlight operates in the Lappeenranta region and, according to customs information, supplied sensors, diesel engines, fuel pumps, and components used in car transmissions to Russia.

Similar Western components have been found in Russian equipment destroyed in Ukraine, but not all of it is subject to Western sanctions. Two of the firm's clients have ties to the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service), according to public data on Russian procurement. One of the client companies even published a thank-you note from the FSB on its website for good cooperation. The company's office refused to talk to journalists.

The investigation also revealed cases of exports to Russia of various optical and electronic equipment , either directly or by a Finnish company acting as an intermediary in the supply chain through which the equipment reached the Russian buyer. In particular, there are cases of supplying such equipment to Uzbekistan, which is considered to be one of the routes for selling sanctioned goods to Russia.

It is not known what share of such sensitive equipment exported through these companies ended up in Russian military equipment. However, the investigation suggests that at least nine Russian clients of these Finnish companies have ties to either the FSB or the Russian defense industry.

Also, the Finnish company exported metalworking equipment to Russia, and information was found about its Russian partner that among its clients was a defense industry company that manufactures reconnaissance aircraft and bombers.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, western-made electronic components have been repeatedly found among the wreckage of Russian missiles in Ukraine. Such parts are found in ordinary household appliances.

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