Not only sea: European mountain towns worth visiting

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The most beautiful mountain towns of Europe

In November, even the warmest European resorts are losing ground. There are not many people who want to swim in cold water. And you can't soak up the sun anymore. The temperature is comfortable, but not for sunbathing. Yes, you can go here in late fall, wander the streets, admire the waves and listen to the whisper of the surf. But there is a better option: visit the villages located in the middle of the mountains.

We will tell you where to go in the last month of the golden season.

Hallstatt, Austria

The town is surrounded by the majestic Alps. It lies at the foot of the mountains on the shores of a crystal-clear lake. The territory of the settlement is very small, so the houses are located almost on top of each other. Salt and ore were once mined here, but the mines are now closed.

It is not easy to get to the location, but it is possible. Today, there is a highway here, but not so long ago there was no road at all. Anyone who wanted to visit this region had to take a ferry or walk along a steep path, overcoming steep slopes.

By the way, the Chinese, when they first saw the place, simply fell in love with it. They were so enthusiastic about the scenery that they built a copy of the village in their homeland. The "twin" has retained all the proportions of the buildings, paths, and even the interior decoration of the houses.

Not only sea: European mountain towns worth visiting

Bled, Slovenia

The real pearl of the country is located on the shores of Lake Bled, surrounded by majestic mountains. It is a small resort that attracts tourists from all over Europe.

The main highlight of the area is an island located in the middle of the reservoir. You can get to it by boat or by buying a ticket for a boat trip. The Church of the Assumption was built on a small piece of land. To reach the shrine, you need to overcome 99 steps.

In addition to the church, a medieval castle was built on top of the mountain. In the past, it served as a residence for monarchs. During World War II, the Germans converted it into their headquarters. Today it is a museum.

Of course, it is worth visiting not only the historical buildings of the city but also going to the mountains: walk along the trodden paths between the trees, climb to the tops and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Not only sea: European mountain towns worth visiting

Metsovo, Greece

A picturesque resort town located next to the famous Pindus Mountains. The settlement is located at an altitude of 1200 meters, on the hillside of Metsovitiko. The village is buried in greenery. There are almost no colorful fall colors even in the fall itself because conifers, including fir trees, grow here.

It's worth coming here to walk in the mountains and taste local wines. You won't find such varieties on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets. The resort is famous not only for winemaking but also for dairy products. Metsovone cheese, which has a slightly salty and spicy flavor, is among them.

Not only sea: European mountain towns worth visiting

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

"Ski Paradise" is how Italians lovingly and affectionately named a small town located in the heart of the Dolomites. It is a typical alpine village. It has the atmosphere of a ski resort. By the way, it was here that the 1956 Winter Olympics were held.

Travelers from all over the world come here to conquer the peaks of the Beskydy Mountains, breathe in the fresh air, and simply escape from everyday life. In the fall, we recommend renting mountain bikes, which is another way to have a good time outdoors.

By the way, even when the city falls into the dark night, no one is bored here because bars, pubs and city discos open their doors on the main street.

Not only sea: European mountain towns worth visiting

Reine, Norway

This is a very tiny fishing village located on the Moskenes Peninsula. It used to be an important trading center, and today it is a popular resort. People come here to take a break from the bustle of the city, relieve tension, and relax. The surrounding landscapes are soothing and allow you to forget about everyday life.

The original architecture of the village complements the natural beauty. Even now, houses are built over the water, just like hundreds of years ago. Wooden huts rest on poles that are submerged in water. Of course, there are hotels here. But most travelers prefer traditional fishermen's cabins, which are equipped with everything you need.

Not only sea: European mountain towns worth visiting

Discover new locations by traveling to unknown cities. Go to places where mountains embrace small villages, where you can touch history and learn about local traditions and culture. Such trips are definitely worth your attention.

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