Land of the Rising Sun: must-see places in Japan

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Tourist locations in Japan

Every corner of this land is unique and special. Wherever you look, you will find something interesting and unusual. This applies not only to man-made wonders but also to natural wonders. Today we will tell you what locations you need to visit if you are planning a trip to Japan. So, sit back and start your acquaintance with the oriental culture.

Mount Fuji

Let's start with the sacred symbol of the state. This is not just a mountain but an inactive volcano. It is considered safe for visitors. Its last eruption was in 1707-1708.

So don't be afraid to go there. Various settlements are quietly located at its foot. The Japanese trust the heavens and are not going to move from their native land. They also believe that if you climb this peak, you can get enlightenment of the mind and purification of the soul.

It's worth climbing here at least for the local scenery. To say that they are beautiful is an understatement.

Land of the Rising Sun: must-see places in Japan

Inuyama Castle

The white marble fortress is located in the city of the same name. It is the oldest bastion in the whole country. It proudly stands on a rocky hill and its stone walls are protected by the turbulent Kiso River.

The first mention of the outpost dates back to the 15th century. According to official information, its construction lasted 23 years. But upon completion, it was constantly being restored. And it's not about wars or revolutions. The fact is that the fortress was built in a seismically active zone, so it often collapses and needs careful maintenance.

The castle is home to one of Japan's national treasures. We are talking about the main tower, built in the style of the Azuchi–Momoyama period. The structure of the building is divided into three external tiers, four internal floors and two basements. By the way, this look is considered to be more modernized, although the last time the citadel was radically changed was in 1617.

Land of the Rising Sun: must-see places in Japan

Gion district in Kyoto

This is the famous geisha quarter, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. You should visit it at least once in your life. You can see not only traditional Japanese actresses but also touch the ancient history on the picturesque streets.

It is here that the only school where little girls are taught the art of geisha is located. From the age of seven, parents send their daughters to learn various skills. Here they learn vocals, dancing, makeup, how to wear a kimono properly, how to play the samisen, and, of course, how to talk to men.

Only here can you see this culture without changes and interpretations. So be sure to add this location to the list of places you plan to visit while traveling in Japan.

Land of the Rising Sun: must-see places in Japan

Kyoto International Manga Museum

A real paradise for fans of Japanese comics. The exhibition hall was opened relatively recently - in 2006 - and has already managed to win the attention of many travelers. Currently, the collection contains more than 200 thousand copies. Among them are rare postwar books and magazines from the Meiji period.

The Kyoto Exhibition Hall is open every day except Wednesday. It is also closed during the New Year holidays. So if you like this kind of art, be sure to visit it, but make sure to plan your route in advance to get inside.

Tokyo TV tower

To see Tokyo in the palm of your hand, be sure to visit this location. Moreover, anyone can climb it. This is not just another tall building but a real star of the city. Most tourists are sure that the spire is somewhat reminiscent of the famous Eiffel Tower.

Today it is the tallest landmark in the world, standing 634 meters high. It has two observation decks that can be reached by high-speed elevators. It offers incredible views and even Mount Fuji.

Land of the Rising Sun: must-see places in Japan

National Bunraku Theater

We recommend that couples with children visit Osaka. Here, puppet shows are performed to the accompaniment of a traditional Japanese musical instrument. The characters are also different from ours. The puppets are made almost as tall as an adult. Kids will definitely be surprised.

Tōdai-ji Temple

The most sacred place in the whole country, symbolizing the spirit and cultural beliefs of the Japanese. The first mention of the complex dates back to 728. At that time, Emperor Shomu built a tomb on this land for his one-year-old son, who died of an unknown illness. Subsequently, the monarch issued a decree to build a new church, which would be respected by the Buddha himself, whose 15-meter statue adorns this place. It is said that more than 2,600,000 subjects worked on it.

Many tourists come to this shrine from all over the world. The building itself often appears in movies and TV series.

Land of the Rising Sun: must-see places in Japan

Japan is a beautiful country with an incredible cultural heritage. They know how to preserve traditions and keep up with the times. They create incredible technologies and hold tea ceremonies at the same time. Everything is beautiful here, and you have to feel it and see it with your own eyes.

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