Keeping your grass healthy: what to do with your lawn in October

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Careful loosening of the lawn will protect it from diseases and pests and improve the quality of the soil before winter.

What could be more pleasant in spring than to see young green grass waking up on the lawn with the first glimpses of warmth? But to do this, you need to properly prepare your lawn for winter. And you can't do without one procedure.

OBOZREVATEL asked what needs to be done with the lawn to make it winter well. And gardeners say that the key procedure that should be done in October is loosening it.

This way you can easily remove dead moss and dried grass from the lawn. You will also improve the quality of the topsoil.

It is necessary to loosen the lawn in October, because this month is usually the first serious night frosts. Once they begin, there will be no point in carrying out the procedure.

Why is it important to remove all dead vegetation from the lawn before winter? Because dried grass, leaves, and moss can block light from reaching the ground and impair its permeability to water, air, and nutrients. In addition, the soil blocked in this way becomes a more favorable environment for the development of plant diseases and the reproduction of various types of pests.

To loosen the lawn properly, use a regular garden rake with flexible tines. Make sure your lawn is well mowed to make it easier to work with, and then comb the area with the rake several times up and down. Be careful to rake up any fallen leaves and dead vegetation. Remove it from the tines of the tool and put it in a single pile. But do not try to rake up every last blade of grass. A small amount of dry grass will help protect the lawn in winter and give the soil additional nutrition. After loosening, the topsoil should be soft and loose.

You can also use a mechanical tiller to loosen the lawn. However, you will have to make sure that the tines of the device do not penetrate the ground too deeply. After you have finished working the lawn with the ripper, do not forget to remove all cut and dead vegetation from the surface.

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