How to wear eye makeup if you wear glasses: useful tips and one style to say no to

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The frame is an accent of the image that changes the rules of eye makeup

Combining eye makeup with glasses is a real art. Vision-correcting lenses inevitably change the proportions of the face, so you have to make up with this effect in mind.

Makeup artists who know how to do makeup for glasses professionally say that any woman can cope with this task. But you will most likely have to forget about one style. As OBOZ.UA found out, it's smokey eyes.

Yes, classic smokies can complement any eye shape and will be appropriate at any age. They can be made lighter for daytime makeup and dramatically saturated for evening makeup, can be shaded in the style of cat eyes or adhere to natural proportions. But you'll have to forget about all that if you wear glasses.

Even an inconspicuous frame still makes its own adjustments to the perception of the face, and the lens, as we have already mentioned, affects the proportions. All this leads to the fact that smoky eye makeup under glasses often looks like a mask. It can be too intense and even frightening.

How to do makeup under glasses

The main trick to applying makeup is to combine it with the frame. First of all, consider its style. It should go well with the way you color your eyes. It's not a good idea to do a graphic eye makeup for a graphic frame, because they will argue with each other. But choosing a natural color of the eyeshadow and emphasizing the eyelashes is a good technique. Delicate arrows will also look impressive. You can even choose a colored liner.

Keep in mind that the frame itself is an additional accessory, so you don't need to use a lot of things at the same time in your eye makeup. It is better to practice the "less is more" approach.

If you're not ready to give up the smokey eye look

For those who still don't want to part with their favorite tried-and-true eye makeup style, makeup artists advise reconsidering the color selection. It is better to postpone all dark shades. Try shades that are complimentary to your eye color - green, brown, blue.

Blend the shadows well. The smoother the transitions, the better. The color should create a shading effect, and not compete with the frame for emphasis. And, of course, don't forget to emphasize the eyelashes, as they should be the center of eye makeup for glasses.

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