How to increase the cold resistance of fruit trees

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Proper fall garden care involves an emphasis on strengthening the root system

For fruit trees to overwinter well, you need to prepare their root system for the cold. To do this, it will be appropriate to enrich the soil with nutrients and moisture so that the plant can strengthen its roots and, if necessary, grow young, strong roots.

OBOZREVATEL asked gardeners about their secrets in this regard. They recommend fertilizing only if the tree looks weak and after the fall crown pruning. You can also prepare an effective fertilizer mixture yourself. The main thing is to avoid adding sodium, which can provoke the growth of new shoots. This is very undesirable on the eve of winter.

Mineral mixture based on phosphorus and potassium

To increase winter hardiness, fruit trees need phosphorus and potassium. You can provide the right amount by mixing potassium sulfate and superphosphate. To prepare the fertilizer, you need to take 30 g of potassium sulfate and 10 g of superphosphate per 1 liter of water. The solution is not only poured over the trees but also sprayed.

Proper watering

What any tree should have enough of before winter is moisture in the soil. It should be applied abundantly and the procedure should be carried out until mid-October when the first noticeable night frosts begin. Then the plant will wake up strong and healthy in the spring

To make sure that the tree gets enough water, place a pot or basin near it while watering. Water until 5-8 centimeters of water is collected in the container. This means that the tree has received enough water to penetrate deep into the root zone. A smaller amount will mean that only the top layer of soil is moistened, which is not enough.

Leaf removal and mulching

To prevent the roots of the tree from freezing, it needs to be mulched. Sawdust, hay, peat, etc. are suitable for covering the ground near the trunk, but the tree's leaves are not. The fact is that fallen leaves can develop infections and harbor pests that are dangerous for this particular species. And the tree itself can become infected. Therefore, the leaves need to be removed and taken away. If they are healthy, it will be quite appropriate to use them for compost.

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