How to get rid of water stains on faucets: the most effective remedies available

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Taps will shine clean even without aggressive chemicals

Lime stains on faucets are an unavoidable nuisance for those living in regions with hard water. The fight against them seems endless, and even a short pause can lead to the lime layer becoming too thick and requiring a lot of effort to get rid of the stain.

OBOZREVATEL figured out whether it is possible to prevent the appearance of white stains on taps? And how to remove them so that it is easy and does not harm the plumbing.

Can lime stains be prevented?

Of course it is. But it will take a little effort. First of all, you need to wipe the faucets and surfaces where such traces appear the most. If you do not leave water on them, it will not evaporate and leave behind mineral impurities that create an unpleasant coating.

It is also important to use lime removers correctly. Their main ingredient is always acid. In factory-made liquids and gels, it is hydrochloric, sulfuric, or phosphoric acid, a rather strong substance that can damage faucets. For example, it can leave dark spots on them. The effect can be especially unpredictable if you combine such products with each other.

The best way to remove limescale

In fact, on a daily basis, lime stains on faucets can be removed with less aggressive acids. Which, moreover, can be easily found, if not at home, then in the nearest supermarket.

Vinegar - mix white vinegar 1:1 with water and wipe the faucets with a napkin moistened with this solution. Then rinse off the product and wipe the faucet dry.

Citric acid - the powder of this product is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:4. This solution can be applied to napkins and left on the faucets as a lotion, or you can immerse the shower head in it overnight. Citric acid will even cope with stubborn stains.

Laundry soap - you can grate dry soap and dilute it to a gel-like state with warm water, or you can buy a liquid product. It is applied to the stains and left to act for an hour, after which the treated surface is wiped and washed off with water. Laundry soap is even suitable for the care of chrome faucets, while acids will be too aggressive for them.

How to prevent limescale for a long time

To make sure that scale cannot even theoretically collect on the surface of the faucets, they can be treated with something water-repellent. For example, baking parchment is a good choice. It is impregnated with wax, so if you rub a piece of parchment on the faucets, they will have a thin water-repellent layer. You can repeat the procedure once a week or whenever the need arises.

Also, any wax or paraffin candle will cope with this task. You can even rub the taps with molten material. It is not necessary to use a whole candle.

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