How to get rid of old dirt on the oven door: life hack

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Glass scraper helps to clean the oven door perfectly. Source: Created with the help of AI

A transparent door is an important part of the oven that helps you control the cooking process. But they also take on a significant amount of typical dirt, such as grease or burnt protein, which makes them less transparent. This makes cleaning the kitchen more problematic.

Cleaning the oven door can be tricky if you don't combine the right product and tools. OBOZ.UA asked what professionals advise on this matter.

Their main advice is to combine the power of a spray, foam, or cleaning liquid with the effectiveness of a glass scraper. A soft sponge may not be able to cope with stable stains, and its hard side may leave scratches on the glass, which is undesirable. A scraper, on the other hand, will remove dirt mechanically quite easily and will not damage the glass due to the smoothness of its blade.

So, start by cooling down the oven and applying the product you normally use to clean the oven door. Allow it to work for a while, as the active ingredients need to break down the structure of stubborn stains, and then move on to scrubbing with a scouring pad.

Hold the tool at an acute angle to the glass and make short, gentle strokes, as if cutting the stain at the base. This way you will remove all the dirt easily and without damaging the surface.

All you have to do now is rinse off the product and clean the door surface with water. If you wish, you can treat it with a mixture of water and white vinegar for additional degreasing and shine. To avoid water stains on the glass, be sure to wipe the oven door dry.

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