How to get rid of aphids on plants: life hacks without chemicals

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Aphids, attacking vegetables, become the main cause of crop loss. These insects are the biggest pests in the garden. It is not always advisable to use chemicals to control aphids.

OBOZ.UA has collected the most effective ecological methods to help get rid of pests. Folk remedies can be quite effective if used correctly.


The pungent vinegar smell will scare away pests. It is quite simple to prepare the solution: dilute 10 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or 5 tablespoons of 9% vinegar in a container of 10 liters of water. For a better effect, add a small amount of liquid soap - so the solution will adhere better to the leaves. Stir the solution thoroughly and spray it on bushes, trees and flowers.

Wood ash

Required ingredients:

  • warm water - one bucket;
  • 2 cups of wood ash;
  • 30 g of liquid soap.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and leave the solution for 10-12 hours to infuse. Then pour the liquid into a container with a spray bottle and spray all the ground parts of plants affected by aphids.

Pharmacy remedy

An infusion of valerian officinalis will also come in handy. Dilute 50 ml of liquid soap and 25 ml of valerian tincture in three liters of water. After mixing thoroughly, treat all plants that have been attacked by aphids with the resulting solution.

Ground pepper

You will need 50 g of ground pepper and 1 liter of water. Boil the solution and leave it to brew for at least a day. After straining, add 10 g of liquid soap and spray all the trees, bushes and plants in the garden. It is better to do this after rain. Pepper treatment helps to get rid of not only aphids but also ants.

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