How to check oil for counterfeiting at home: 3 easiest ways

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How to check the oil. Source: depositphotos.com

Everyone uses vegetable oils for cooking, most commonly for frying food. They are also used to make salads and snacks. However, you need to know that not all oils are of high quality and safe, but they can be easily checked at home.

Tasty and healthy vegetable oil

The FoodOboz editorial team shares useful tips on how to test vegetable oil at home.

1. Iodine

How to test oil with iodine

Pour the oil into a glass and drop one drop of iodine. The iodine drop should keep its shape and stay on the surface for a long time. But if it spreads or sinks to the bottom immediately, it means that the oil has harmful impurities.

2. Salt

How to test oil with salt

Pour a teaspoon of salt into 50 ml of oil without a slide, stir and observe, if the salt dissolves, it means that it contains water, if the oil is of high quality and without impurities, the salt should not dissolve.

3. Napkin

Take a glass, pour a little oil on the bottom of the glass, and cover the glass with a napkin and turn it upside down for a while. If a circular oil trace appears on the napkin and does not spread, this indicates that the oil is without water; if it spreads outside the circle, the oil has been diluted with water.

How to check vegetable oil for quality

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