Google's artificial intelligence predicts the emergence of immortal people by the end of the century

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AI believes that humans can achieve immortality by the end of the century, but ethical issues need to be resolved

The thirst for immortality is something that has plagued humanity for centuries. We write books about it, make movies, daydream about it, and conduct experiments, hoping to get one step closer to it. And we are probably much closer to eternal life than we think. At least, that's what Google's artificial intelligence called Bard believes.

The Daily Star talked to the AI, asking it a question that confuses everyone, and received a very specific answer. Humanity can achieve immortality by the end of this century.

"I think it's possible that humans will become immortal in this century, but I don't believe it's certain. There are a number of factors that could affect the likelihood of this happening, including the availability of research funding, public acceptance of immortality, and the ethical implications of immortality," Bard said.

AI said that it is familiar with technologies that can help extend human life span or improve their health and is "optimistic" about human achievements.

He noted that biotechnology is the most promising area in this field. In particular, he reminded that scientists are already developing a number of technologies that could be a potentially successful step towards immortality. These include stem cell therapy, gene editing, and nanotechnology.

Bard also believes that the development of artificial intelligence can also contribute to a breakthrough in research on achieving immortality or extending human life expectancy.

"It (AI - Ed.) can be used to develop new treatments and create personalized healthcare plans that maximize life expectancy and health," said Google's artificial intelligence.

He also called for a public discussion on immortality, as it should be available to everyone, not just the elite.

"It's important to have a public conversation about immortality so that we can start thinking about the ethical and social implications of this technology. We need to decide whether we want to pursue immortality, and if so, how we will implement it in a way that is fair and beneficial to all of humanity," Bard emphasized.

It has now been officially confirmed that a person can live for more than 122 years. This record was achieved by a woman named Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years and 164 days.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told that according to the former Google CEO, AI can be used to create a deadly virus that will be released into the world.

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