Cleaning will turn into fun: three tips to make life easier for everyone and a life hack with shaving foam

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Conventional remedies can be very effective if used in an unusual way

Although some TikTok life hacks look really weird and have even spawned a whole genre of debunking videos, some tips really help make life easier. Most often, those that relate to cleaning.

For example, blogger Mama Mila published three simple life hacks that help her keep her home clean and fresh. Almost all of them involve the atypical use of common home remedies. (To watch the video, scroll down to the end of the news story)

First of all, she shared a recipe for a window cleaning liquid that easily removes all types of dirt. To make it, you need to take 2 parts water, 2 parts white vinegar, and 1 part dishwashing liquid. This mixture will dissolve any dirt on the glass and will not leave any streaks. It is necessary to properly treat the surfaces of the window panes with it, and then wipe and wipe everything dry. The windows will shine, and you won't need to spend any effort wiping off the dirt.

To freshen up the air in the kitchen, the blogger advised using a life hack with cotton balls and essential oil. Take the oil with the scent you like the most, put a few drops on cotton balls, and place them at the bottom of the trash can before putting the bag in it. This will help fight the odor from the garbage. The number of balls can be adjusted to fit the size of the bin.

Finally, the household expert shared an atypical method of using shaving foam. It turns out that it is good at eliminating unpleasant odors in the toilet. It should be applied to the floor, paying special attention to the area around the toilet, and then simply rinsed off with a mop.

And in the comments, subscribers shared that shaving foam can be used to remove stains from various types of fabrics. From white clothes to textile sofa upholstery. You just need to apply it with an applicator to the stained area, wait for a while and remove it with a cotton pad, and wash the cleaned area with water.

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