Big work or rest: horoscope until June 9 for all zodiac signs

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Taurus will have a lot of work to do, but they will cope with the load. Leos will decide to relax.

Tarotist and prognosticator Olga Solomka exclusively for AstroOBOZ has compiled a horoscope for all zodiac signs for the week of June 9. Find out what awaits you.


Expect positive changes and progress in partnerships this week. You will find a common language with colleagues and family, be able to distribute responsibilities and reach mutual understanding in all aspects.


The workload at work is increasing, but you not only cope with it but also take on even more tasks. Your energy and stamina allow you to not only fulfill more responsibilities but also enjoy being active.


This period is ideal for dealing with issues related to home and real estate. Whether it's repairs, construction, or buying a home, you'll be successful. Make an investment in your future by purchasing something for your home, whether it's the home itself or equipment.


Your attention to detail and focus will determine how you are perceived by colleagues and partners. It's important for you to focus on the main tasks at hand, and it's also the time to build your image and reputation.


You may decide to take a break from work and spend some time relaxing. Turn off your communication devices, visit a resort or spa, or go to the warm sea to regain your strength and energy.


You feel nostalgic, which brings you back to the bright memories of your childhood. Communicating with old friends and classmates can bring you joy and a sense of warm connection to your past.


This week you will be exposed to various temptations that may distract you from important matters. Be careful not to indulge in excesses that could have a negative impact on your health.


You find the strength to overcome obstacles that previously seemed insurmountable. Right now, the circumstances are such that you can easily solve all issues, win over competitors, and achieve success.


This period requires you to be business-minded and follow the rules. The key to success will be your active attitude and ability to concentrate very quickly to solve important issues.


This week may not seem too bright, but it will bring you stability and peace of mind. Your life will be filled with ordinary activities as well as pleasant rituals that will add harmony to your daily rhythm.


You feel free from previous commitments and ready for new beginnings. Use this time to realize your dreams and ambitions, as now you have no limits to your creativity and can realize almost all your desires.


Although you don't expect anything special from this week, it could bring you some pleasant surprises. You are open to new opportunities and this can lead to unexpected offers, promotions at work, or salary increases.

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