Olga Solomka

Olga Solomka

Psychologist, tarot predictor.
56 articles
Short biography

For 15 years she has been studying esotericism in its various directions, trying to find common ground in the oldest and most fashionable directions of bodily and energetic practices.

She has been practicing with tarot cards, numerology, runes and other mantic systems for 10 years. Back in early December 2013, she predicted the overthrow of Yanukovych, the presidential and parliamentary elections, a little later - the visa-free travel, as well as early parliamentary elections and the arrival of a new team.

She took part in the qualifying rounds of the "Battle of the Psychics", and now she is a regular expert on television in matters of predictions for the future.

I have 30 years of experience in press, where I went from a typist to the deputy editor-in-chief, having mastered almost all the professions of print journalism, including 9 years at "Gazeta Po-Kievski" daily.

Institute of Journalism at the Kiev Shevchenko University (journalism). Shevchenko University (journalist). Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov (psychologist). Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov (psychologist).
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