Between tradition and technology: Asia's top 3 most beautiful capitals

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The most popular capitals of Asia

The capitals of Asian countries differ significantly from European ones. They have a completely different culture, customs, and religion, which are reflected in historical monuments. This applies not only to ancient buildings but also to the newest ones. So let's explore the main cities of another part of our planet.

Tokyo, Japan

The heart of the country surprises tourists with contrasts. Here, buildings with traditional roofs and mighty skyscrapers are located side by side. Here, noisy neighborhoods flow into parks where it is quiet and peaceful. Here, ordinary restaurants are not inferior to Michelin-starred ones.

Tokyo is the center of Japanese culture and scientific progress. The metropolis has many attractions that every traveler should see. One trip will definitely not be enough to get to know the capital, so we recommend that you start by paying attention to the most famous sights.

We recommend that you first visit the Kinryuzan Sensoji Temple. This is the oldest Buddhist shrine, which was built in 628. The building was built in a style typical of Japan: red facades, columns decorated with gilded symbols, and a four-cornered roof. The courtyard has a small pond, a garden, and sculptures. Here, you forget about everything in the world, and, as the saying goes, you are in the moment.

To fully experience the combination of the present and the past, we recommend going to the MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: teamLab Borderless. This is a digital art space with more than 470 animated projects. Everything in the room moves, including floor, ceiling, and walls. The picture is complemented by the play of light and sound. Each guest here becomes a part of the exhibition. Be sure to come here: you will definitely like it.

Tokyo Disney Resort and Tokyo DisneySea are equipped for children. Disneyland has 7 thematic zones divided into categories. Here you can fly into space, plunge into exciting adventures, dive into the jungle, visit the Wild West, and turn into a fairy princess or a brave knight. People are entertained by professional animators. And here, of course, they offer to ride any attraction or watch theatrical shows. Not only kids but also adults will appreciate it.

We also advise you to visit Tokyo Skytree, the country's tallest tower, which ranks second in the world. Don't forget to visit the Tokyo Solamachi shopping and entertainment center, located at the foot of the tower. Other places to visit include the Akihabara district, the underground Ramen Street, and Shinjuku Gyoen National Park.

Between tradition and technology: Asia's top 3 most beautiful capitals

Beijing, China

This country also keeps up with advanced technologies. Wherever you look, the Chinese are always the first. More than 70% of the world's brands are sewn and almost all household appliances are manufactured here: from familiar names to novice brands. However, this is not the only thing that China can boast of. Like Japan, it has managed to combine its past and present.

And the first place to go is the Forbidden City. Even the name tells you that you have to go there. After all, you must admit that curiosity sometimes wins over common sense. The location is in the heart of the metropolis. Once the residence of the emperors, now it is a museum on the territory of the complex, where you can learn about the history of the region. Find out what utensils the monarchs used, what they wore, and how they lived.

Include the Great Wall in your itinerary of attractions. Its walls stretch almost across the entire country. Make sure to visit it so that you don't regret not seeing one of the wonders of the world.

We advise you to visit the Temple of Heaven. There are many shrines in Beijing but this is the most revered. There is nothing superfluous here because every detail is filled with meaning. People come here to find harmony between thoughts and feelings. If something is bothering you, come here and you should feel much better.

The must-see locations are Tiananmen Square, Beihai Park, Kunming Lake, the National Museum of China, Prince Gong's Palace, and the Silk Market.

Between tradition and technology: Asia's top 3 most beautiful capitals

Seoul, South Korea

This city is considered one of the leading capitals of Asia. Koreans also managed to preserve the customs of their ancestors and weave them into the dynamic development of the present. During the day, tourists love to explore historical attractions and admire natural wonders, and at night, they relax in youth facilities. We recommend that you experience this contrast.

It is better to start your trip in Bukchon, a colorful folklore village with traditional hanok houses. These houses appeared here during the Joseon Dynasty in the XIV century. It is here that you can immerse yourself in the culture of the country. A nice bonus will be the opportunity to learn how to play Korean musical instruments or master authentic crafts.

Then go to the center of Seoul and walk along the Myeongdong shopping street. Here you can buy souvenirs, visit cafes to enjoy national cuisine, and shop. Don't forget to visit the local Noryangjin fish market. It is not necessary to buy seafood. However, if you want to taste real sashimi, you should stop there. You should visit this place for the atmosphere because you can fully feel how Koreans live.

What other locations should be included in your travel bucket list? Of course, N Seoul Tower, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Bongeunsa Temple, Lotte World and Bukhansan parks, the Blue House residence, and Ihwa, the mural village.

Between tradition and technology: Asia's top 3 most beautiful capitals

Asian countries are steeped in traditions and ancient customs that are harmoniously integrated into the modern lifestyle. And their capitals are proof of this. See for yourself by going on an unforgettable journey through the main cities of Japan, China and South Korea.

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