A search of dopamine: traveling to the happiest countries in the world

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Rating of the happiest countries in the world

Any travel should be fun. It doesn't matter if we are going on a tour of Ukraine or choosing foreign destinations. But when you travel to countries that are among the top happiest in the world, you expect something special.


In 2023, the country topped the World Happiness Report. The country received a total score of 7.8 out of 10. The score is incredible, so why not go here in early spring?

We recommend visiting the cozy town of Savonlinna located in the center of the Saimaa lake system. The province is divided into tiny islands connected by bridges. Water is everywhere here. The Market Square is in the heart of the city. Here, among the stalls, you can try a traditional appetizer called lörtsy. It looks like an ordinary cheburek, but the filling is slightly different. Finns put fish, eggs, meat, berries or jam inside.

We recommend booking a cruise on local waterways or renting a kayak or canoe and exploring the water routes on your own.

Visit the Opera House, Savonlinna Cathedral and Olavinlinna Fortress. This is the first defense structure in Finland, which was built to protect against artillery fire. Several museums are now open within its walls. The most popular is the exhibition hall dedicated to the history of the castle. The gallery of Orthodox iconography is also never empty.

A search of dopamine: traveling to the happiest countries in the world


Last year, the country took second place in the ranking. In spring, we recommend visiting the world-famous town of Billund. It was here that the first LEGO factory and the world's largest Legoland were opened. By the way, every detail of the rides, houses, or any other little things is made of the famous construction set. Imagine: more than 46 million elements were used to create the amusement complex.

Next, head to Aalborg. This province harmoniously intertwines two completely different eras: Gothic and Renaissance. Go to St. Budolfi Cathedral and Aalborghus Castle. Take a stroll along the waterfront and visit Lindholm Hill. About 600 ancient graves where revered Vikings rest are at its top.

By the way, be sure to visit the Park of Music. Trees planted by famous performers grow here. Members of the Backstreet Boys, Guns N' Roses, Elton John, Sting, and others contributed to the landscaping.

A search of dopamine: traveling to the happiest countries in the world


The third place went to the country of "fire and ice". For fans of the Game of Thrones TV series, we recommend a trip to Mount Kirkjufell. Some shots from the movie were filmed near it. Then go to the Gullfoss and Dettifoss waterfalls. The latter is the largest not only in Iceland but also in Europe.

Be sure to visit the Bay of Icebergs. This is a black beach with huge blocks of ice. Each piece of ice shimmers and sparkles beautifully in the sun. It seems that a person has worked on the ice granites, and the sculptures are made not of natural material but of polished marble. Finally, visit the unique Thingvellir Park. Here you can see the tectonic movement of lithospheric plates.

A search of dopamine: traveling to the happiest countries in the world


Although Israel took the fourth place, we can't go there yet. Thus, let's move on to the next step. We recommend starting your acquaintance with the kingdom in the small town of Alkmaar, which is located 40 kilometers from the capital. The province, like Amsterdam, is riddled with many canals. Be sure to visit the Dutch Cheese Museum, the City Hall and the Tax Tower.

In addition, go to Edam, the birthplace of another famous cheese product. There's a special tasting room where you can try different varieties and buy the goodies you like.

A search of dopamine: traveling to the happiest countries in the world


The sixth place was taken by Kingdom of Sweden. In spring, we recommend visiting the island of Gotland. There are two ways to get there: by plane or by ferry. Here you should slowly wander the streets and admire the local scenery. In particular, go to the medieval St. Mary's Cathedral, the remains of the fortress wall and the Botanical Garden Botaniska Trädgården.

Be sure to visit one of the largest cities in Sweden: Malmö. Here take a walk to the Turning Torso skyscraper, which looks like a tube. Admire the sights like City Hall, the Malmö City Library, the eponymous castle, and St. Peter's Church.

By the way, in the spring, you can rent a bike and travel around all the famous locations. There are more than 50 kilometers of paths. Another good way to explore the area is to sign up for a canal tour.

A search of dopamine: traveling to the happiest countries in the world


Seventh place went to the land of the harsh Vikings. In this country, we recommend paying attention to natural attractions. For example, visit the Geirangerfjord fjord. There is a waterfall with an interesting name, the Bridal Veil. Climb Preikestolen too. Its top has an unusual square shape. Be sure to visit Tromsø. This is a small settlement that Norwegians call the "heart and soul" of the Arctic.

For those who like extreme sports and adrenaline, we recommend taking a ride on the Troll Road. The route runs through the mountains and has 11 sharp turns. By the way, its width does not exceed three meters.

Any journey is already a good portion of happiness. Thus, travel whenever you can and whatever the weather. Enjoy your trip!

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