Why you shouldn't look in a broken mirror: the true essence of superstition

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Why you shouldn't look in a broken mirror

The mirror has long been regarded as a mystical object, associated with both a portal to other worlds and a device capable of revealing the true face of evil spirits in people's imaginations.

Almost everyone has heard the absolute prohibition of looking into a broken mirror, but not everyone knows the explanation. OBOZREVATEL has delved into the true essence of this superstition.

The primary reason for avoiding one's reflection in a broken mirror is the belief that such an act would lead to a series of troubles for the person. Unmarried women faced an even stricter prohibition, condemning them to seven years of celibacy.

Several other superstitions include:

- A broken mirror can release negative energy, which, when absorbed by a person, may cause illness.

- A broken mirror can symbolize a split in a person's life, leading to rapid aging.

- A broken mirror can trigger quarrels with family and friends, as well as financial setbacks.

- Otherworldly beings may enter a person's home through a broken mirror.

- A broken mirror can metaphorically "cut" a person's personality, leaving them vulnerable to illness and trouble.

All these superstitions lack scientific evidence. According to esotericists, it is advised not to gaze into a broken mirror to avoid dissipating the energy actively collected by mirrors.

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