When to salt pasta correctly: it won't stick together or boil

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How to cook and when to salt pasta

Pasta is a dish that can be tasty and budget-friendly with minced meat, tuna, meat, stewed milk, cheese or filet. But not everyone knows how to cook this product correctly, as a result - the pasta is boiled and becomes very soft.

The editors of FoodOboz collected information and will tell you how to cook and when to salt pasta, so it will be tasty and will not stick together.

How to properly boil and when to salt pasta


Some people are used to salt still cold water before boiling, while others add salt to the already cooked pasta. But both options are wrong. As experienced housewives assure, thanks to the salt, the product will cook evenly and at the same time remain moderately tough. While pasta without added salt will turn out too bland.

How to cook pasta so it doesn't stick together


Ideally you should add salt, a few teaspoons of sunflower oil and always calculate the correct proportions of water when cooking such a side dish. In this way the pasta will not stick and will not boil.


Therefore, the salt should be added to the boiling water and wait until it absorbs it. Only then should the pasta be thrown in. Be sure to stir them afterwards, so that they do not stick together. The optimal proportions are: 1 liter of water 8-10 g of salt.

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