What to read on the plane: 10 books for a comfortable flight

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Books perfect for the flight

A few hours on an airplane can be spent in different ways. Some sleep, watch a movie, or listen to music. But some prefer reading. OBOZREVATEL selected 10 books that are perfect for the flight.

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Richard Bach).

This is the tale of a bird who did not want to follow the imposed rules. It strayed from its usual route and flew its own way. Of course, it wasn't easy. But the freedom to choose yourself - a great happiness in life. The story was written by Richard Bach, a descendant of the famous composer, who worked as a pilot and loved the sky.

  • God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life's Little Detours (Regina Brett)

This is a collection of sensual essays by an American journalist who has gone through many trials along the way. Regina was abandoned by her husband, raising a daughter on her own, and battling cancer. She published her lessons in an author's column. It later evolved into a book that offers hope for a better tomorrow and gratitude for what you have today.

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  • Three Novellas (Fredrick Backman).

Warm and gentle stories can be described in three words--"fairy tales for adults." Bachman writes interesting stories about people, their thoughts and actions. Simple plots and a special style fills the author's works with a certain lightness. Because of this, they are read in one breath.

  • Sad Animal Facts (Brooke Barker)

Brooke Barker is not only good at writing funny stories about animals, she's also good at drawing. Each page of this book is decorated with the author's illustrations and little-known facts. For example, the fact that a female ferret can die if she doesn't find a mate in time.

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  • When the Snow Smells Like Tangerines (Dorj Batu, Andrei Bachinsky, Nadia Belaya and others)

This is a collection of atmospheric Christmas stories about teenagers who encounter different adventures during the winter season. The authors have created their own world overflowing with real feelings and emotions, where there is no room for lies and masks. And no matter what is in these little essays, their characters will always find a way out. Both children and adults will enjoy the book.

  • The Flatshare (Beth O'Leary)

A man and a woman rent an apartment for two people. However, they have never met. She works during the day, he works at night. They are not allowed to be in the room together. But because of the need for common issues, they begin to correspond, which later develops into true love. The book will plunge you into nostalgia for the times when "messages" were written by hand.

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Greenlights (Matthew McConaghy)

It would seem that this was supposed to be just another autobiographical book from a star of whom there are already thousands. However, it is much more than that. The author conveyed his mindset, showed how important it is to take problems and defeats right, and what keeps him going, even when there is no strength. This is a book about mindset, motivation, and soulfulness.

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