What surnames were given in Ukraine for scandalous character: what were the names of those who loved to quarrel?

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Yulian Redko's work sheds light on the history of Ukrainian surnames

Giving nicknames based on some characteristic trait is a habit that seems impossible to eradicate in people. Just look at children who come up with such names for each other within their companies. And historically, this is how many surnames have appeared.

In the Ukrainian language, the variety of such family names is simply amazing. And a separate group among the surnames based on character traits are those that gave people the habit of loudly expressing dissatisfaction, often being indignant and quarreling. At least, that's how they were grouped by the famous linguist Yulian Redko, who spent his entire life researching Ukrainian anthroponyms and presented his findings in the book "Modern Ukrainian Surnames".

The Ukrainian language offers many different words to describe such a trait as quarrelsomeness. You can shout, or you can make noise, you can be rude, or you can be loud. In fact, these words formed the basis of the respective surnames.

Redko gives the following list in her work:

  • Beshketa;
  • Vereskun, Vereshchak;
  • Horlaty, Horlay;
  • Hrubian;
  • Zavedia, Zabiyaka;
  • Shouter, Shouter, Shouter;
  • Morochilo;
  • Repetilo, Repetun;
  • Skorobreha;
  • Shumilo.

There are also other variants that clearly indicate a similar inclination of the ancestor:

  • Zadira, Zadirenko, Zadiraka;
  • Kryvda, Kryvdenko;
  • Svarnik, Svarych, Svarun;
  • Gyrkalo.

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