What salad to make for Easter 2023 in 10 minutes: sharing a recipe for a very simple and delicious dish

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Salad recipe
Salad recipe

The easiest and tastiest spring salad, which can be prepared both for every day and for the festive table - salad with young cabbage. It is perfectly combined with all vegetables, greens, meat, sausage, seafood and sauces.

Delicious cabbage salad with dressing

Culinarian Tatiana shared on Instagram a recipe for a tasty, savory young cabbage salad with green peas and sausage.

Salad recipe


  • young cabbage - 1 head
  • cucumbers - 1-2 pcs.
  • green onions - bunch
  • peas - 1 jar
  • smoked sausage - 100-150 g
  • khmeli suneli - to taste
  • mayonnaise or sour cream + mayonnaise for dressing

Method of preparation:

1. Shred the cabbage, put it in a bowl, salt and crush it with your hands.

Young cabbage


2. Cut the cucumbers and sausage in julienne strips.

Young cabbage


3. Chop the onion finely.

Cooking a salad

4. Mix everything, add hoplite suneli and peas, mix again. Season with yogurt and stir to combine.

Prepared salad

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