The Earth was hit by the strongest magnetic storm in July: how to improve your health

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Magnetic storm
Magnetic storm

On July 12, the Earth was under the influence of a magnetic storm with a magnitude of 5 points. On July 13, it will continue and will reach the strength of 4 points. Meteosensitive people may feel its consequences.

The laboratory Spaceweathe warned about flares on the Sun. Experts note that geomagnetic activity on July 12-13 is the strongest in the current month.

The next magnetic storm is predicted from July 16 to 19, which will be weaker. The last storm in July is expected on the 29th.

If you feel worse during magnetic storms, try to follow certain rules:

- drink more fluids: water, herbal tea or compote;

- choose healthy food: more seasonal products, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Reduce the consumption of fatty, spicy, fried food and fast food;

- give up coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, energy drinks;

- ventilate the room you are in;

- continue moderate physical activity, try to avoid too intense exercise;

- try to switch to contrast showers;

- try to establish a sleep schedule and get enough sleep.

It is believed that the greatest impact of magnetic storms is experienced by people with chronic diseases, as well as the elderly. The most common symptoms are headache, high blood pressure, rapid pulse, fatigue, pain in the muscles, joints and sometimes in the heart. It also includes dizziness, nausea and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about the definition of magnetic storms and how they arise. Read more about it in our material.

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