The best music for insomnia: songs that will help you sleep

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7 relaxing songs to help you fall asleep quickly

Many of us have faced the problem of insomnia. Constant stress and anxiety knock you out of your way and don't allow you to relax even after work.

Do not immediately prescribe yourself a course of sedatives or take sleeping pills without a doctor's prescription. If you just can't switch to rest, try an ancient remedy for all anxieties, music. Scientists have repeatedly proven that the right tunes slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and relax your muscles.

OBOZREVATEL has made a selection of lullabies for adults that will improve the quality of sleep.

1. Johann Sebastian Bach - "Goldberg Variations"

According to legend, Bach composed the Goldberg Variations, consisting of an aria and thirty variations for harpsichord, at the end of the eighteenth century at the request of a nobleman.

The man from the upper classes asked the composer to help him relieve his long hours of insomnia. Even then, he believed that music helped him to relax and tune in to sleep.

2. Erik Satie - "Vexations"

At the end of the nineteenth century, Erik Satie composed Vexations, a short musical piece that should be played 840 times to get rid of insomnia.

According to the composer, it is advisable to do so "in the deepest silence and with serious stillness."

In 1963, American musicologist John Cage and 11 pianists decided to do as Satie had bequeathed. They played "Vexations" for 18 hours.

The audience came and went, and the New York Times columnist fell asleep in his chair. It is believed to have been the longest piano recital in the history of music.

3. Thelonious Monk - "Round Midnight"

Jazz pianist, composer, and bebop founder Thelonious Monk is famous for many of his compositions.

Among them, "Round Midnight" is a jazz classic that relaxes you, slowly putting you to sleep.

4. Marconi Union - "Weightless"

The British Academy of Sound Therapy, together with the Manchester-based band Marconi Union, set out to record the most relaxing song in the world.

This is how they created "Weightless". The Mindlab Institute believes that this music can reduce blood pressure and the level of the hormone cortisol, which prevents sleep.

5. Jeff Bridges - "Sleeping Tapes"

The star of The Big Lebowski, Jeff Bridges, has created an album that also helps you fall asleep. The actor mutters, speaks and sings soothing lullabies in a hoarse voice to the cozy ambient.

The album contains 15 tracks with various soothing sounds.

6. Max Richter - "Sleep"

British composer of German descent Max Richter recorded an eight-hour relaxation album in 2015. It contains 31 songs for sleep.

The musician called his creation "a personal lullaby for a crazy world".

7. Craig Armstrong - "Nocturnes: Music for 2 Pianos"

During the pandemic, British classical composer Craig Armstrong began to create melodies that will help you not to feel lonely and devastated.

He created 14 short relaxing nocturnes. Armstrong played both piano parts on his own as quarantine restrictions prevented him from meeting other musicians.

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