The bathroom will have an incredible scent: how to make your home smell good

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With these methods, the pleasant smell will linger for a long time.

An unpleasant smell in the bathroom can ruin the impression of even a designer renovation. Fortunately, you can get rid of it. If the bad smell is not caused by problems with the cleanliness of the room, there are many options for making the bathroom and toilet smell good. An ordinary freshener is not one of them. It doesn't last long and usually has a questionable aroma.

Sante Plus has collected some of the best ways. But before you start scenting the air, check your bathroom, as the problem may be solved by simple cleaning. The atmosphere in this room can be ruined:

  • mould and mustiness due to high humidity;
  • clogged drains;
  • problems with ventilation.

How to get rid of an unpleasant smell if you have found its source

Ventilate the bathroom. Open the door after water procedures to avoid steam stagnation. Use a dehumidifier and don't forget to switch on the extractor hood. Wash all towels, rugs and curtains on time and make sure they dry out when you use them. Clean the plumbing regularly.

You can also deodorise the sewerage system. If they are not clogged and do not require special cleaning products, use baking soda. Pour a tablespoon of baking soda into each drain, leave it for two minutes, and then pour in a glass of white vinegar. After 5 minutes, when the mixture has worked, flush the drains with hot water. When all these problems are fixed, you can start scenting the room.

Scent toilet paper rolls

A supply of toilet paper that you have at home can help freshen up the atmosphere in the toilet. Simply moisten the sleeve with a baby or essential oil of your choice. The paper will not spoil, and the roll will become a source of pleasant aroma. Just place it in an open place.

Buy a toilet bowl cleaner

Balls, cubes or other forms of cistern cleanser not only smell good, but also help to keep the toilet clean. Simply place them inside the cistern and they will gradually dissolve and work for quite some time.

Put a fragrant bouquet

You don't have to buy fresh flowers for the toilet several times a week. You can decorate the room with a dried arrangement. For example, lavender, even when dried, spreads a characteristic pleasant scent around it. You can also smear dried plants with your favourite essential oil if they don't smell on their own.

Use an essential oil diffuser or aroma lamp

An essential oil diffuser releases fine droplets of fragrance into the air, filling the room with a delightful scent. An aroma lamp works by heating. Pour water into its bowl, add a few drops of oil, and light a tea candle in the special compartment. The candle will heat the water, and the oil will gradually evaporate. But if you have pets, be careful - some oils can be toxic to them.

Light scented candles

Unlike incense sticks, candles do not spread unhealthy smoke around. What's more, options based on natural soy wax are a safe choice for small spaces like a toilet or bathroom.

Buy an aroma diffuser

A jar of oil with special absorbing sticks will last longer than other products. Also, the scent it spreads will not be too pungent. The choice of aroma diffuser scents is huge. You will definitely find something to your liking.

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